Yeti Frames: long. low. mean. FAST.

Yeti was one of the very first to extend their reach while producing relatively slack headtubes on smaller travel bikes. And you know what? It works.

Yeti frames are well known for their ability to confidently rip bigger terrain than you would assume possible based on the rear travel number.

Whether you’re shopping 29″, 27.5″ or mullet options Yeti has you covered.

The 27.5″ SB165 as well as SB140 are both mullet options with the right fork and front wheel (contact us, BikeCo’s owner Joe Binatena is riding a SB165 mullet and we’ve been testing A LOT of options on it to find where the line in the sand is for performance).

With the SB150, SB130 and SB115 Yeti has 29″ riders covered from full blown EWS gnar to cross country endurance adventures.

In fact the SB130 is offered in a standard and Lunch Ride suspension setup. is able to Lunch Ride any SB130 for our clients.

Want to build your perfect Yeti? BikeCo can build your Yeti Frame into your dream rig.

Custom Yeti SB150 Mountain Bike Verde Green with Orange Accents by Fox, Chris King and more.