Class leading in MTB: Yeti Frames are long, low, mean, and FAST.

Yeti was one of the very first to extend their reach while producing relatively slack headtubes on smaller travel bikes. And you know what? It works.

Yeti frames are well known for their ability to confidently rip bigger terrain than you would assume possible based on the rear travel number.

Whether you’re shopping 29″, 27.5″ or mullet options has you covered with the best Yeti frames.

Looking for a little more info on Yeti Frames? Compare Frame Geo of our favorite Yeti (or Ibis) models and sizes here!

Yeti Frames are not currently available for purchase online and will be listed as out of stock or back-ordered. However, we invite you to contact our team for in-stock updates, bike availability, ETAs and order details!

Yeti Frames

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Interactive Geometry Comparison

Bottom bracket height, chainstay, reach, stack, headtube angle, fork offset as well as wheelbase have been illustrated per manufacturer websites. Seatpost and headtube heights are relatively accurate for vertical dimension. Exact frame shape, etc produced with artistic license.

Images are centered horizontally by the bottom bracket. Axle heights are static representing the same wheel / tire sizing. Bottom bracket heights from ground per manufacturer dimension. Chainstay length is measured from the bottom bracket center. Wheelbase is illustrated from rear axle forward.

If you have any questions on sizing or frame comparison contact our expert sales staff today!

Yeti Frame Details

Yeti SB115

Well, whether you’re looking for an all day adventure bike, an aggressive XC bike or the new down-country term has you salivating the Yeti SB115 should be on your short list for review.
Thinking about a bit more fork on your SB115? Chat with our team about the best options available as well as how a 140mm fork will modify the bike’s overall personality.

29″ Wheels
115mm Rear Travel
130mm Fork Stock
67.6 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB130

The SB130 is one of the most popular bikes on the market as it confidently tackles an incredible range or riding.
All day trail adventures to Park Days this bike will get you there. Available in the stock configuration 130mm rear travel paired with 150mm fork travel or the Lunch Ride setup featuring 137mm rear travel with 160mm fork travel.

29″ Wheels
130mm Rear Travel or 137mm Lunch Ride
150mm Fork Stock or 160mm Lunch Ride
65.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB140

Modern trailbikes have to be good. Actually they need to be more than just good, they need to be versatile. The Yeti SB140 has those traits nailed.
The modern geometry and dampers allow smaller, more nimble bikes to confidently rip into bigger terrain. The Yeti SB140 offers riders a bike with lively performance at a wide range of ground speeds. Looking for a little more? Chat with our team about SB140 Mullet options to get a bit more front end cornering, braking and roll over.

27.5″ Wheels (or 29″ front Mullet Option)
140mm Rear Travel
160mm Fork Stock or 150mm/140mm Mullet Options
65 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB150

Ready to go fast? 29″ wheels have the momentum and roll over angle to maintain big speed. The Yeti SB150 frame gives you control of those big rollers in the burliest terrain. Designed with steep, frankly brutal, EWS courses in mind the Yeti SB150 is truly race-bred. A bit taller bottom bracket than the SB130 gives it some added “bash-ability” while pedaling amazingly well for a bike as capable in the huge stuff as the SB150.

29″ Wheels
150mm Rear Travel
170mm Fork
64.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB165

The Yeti SB165 takes “more is better” to another level. With the most rear travel in the Yeti lineup this bike is capable of smashing down the biggest lines. But it’s not a one trick pony.
A 29″ front wheel Mullet option gives the bike additional cornering and braking traction. De-traveling the Mullet allows the bike to maintain its’ designed personality by staying close to the axle to crown and headtube angle.
Want to go the other direction? The SB165 is approved for triple crown forks – so spec that park destroyer now!

27.5″ Wheels (or 29″ front wheel Mullet option)
165mm Rear Travel
180mm Fork (170mm or 160mm Mullet option)
63.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Custom Yeti SB150 Mountain Bike Verde Green with Orange Accents by Fox, Chris King and more.

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