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Yeti SB130 with X2

Yeti SB130 with X2

Enjoy a few shots of this recent SB130 build by The Yeti SB130 with X2 shock is a popular setup and not just for riders pushing the limits of the Trail / Enduro capacity of the 137mm travel Lunch Ride.

The Float X2 offers riders control over both high and low speed rebound settings as well as high and low speed compression. Compression can be added to provide in-stroke support to aide the air spring. With the X2 riders can adjust low speed compression for more support in corners or steep chutes or the high speed compression for faster, larger impacts through the gnarly chunk.

SRAM Eagle AXS drivetrain in Gold

I love the way that the SRAM XX1 gold chain and cassette tie in with the Kashima coat Factory Transfer post and Factory 36 fork. Taking the accent color and tying in the corners of the bike, without over doing it – this client is doing it right!

With the SRAM AXS, or any of the 52t Max cable derailleurs, riders have a choice of running the newer 52t cassettes or the earlier 50t cassettes. Some riders actually prefer the 50t cassettes not needing “as much” granny gear and preferring to not have as big of a jump in the last shift. It is pretty common for racers to prefer the tighter shifting gaps to maximize power while minimizing the change of a missed shift.

AbsoluteBlack Oval Chainring

More and more riders are trying the oval chainrings like this AbsoluteBlack setup. Designed to ease the load on your legs when outside of your most powerful segments of your pedal stroke oval chain rings then increase in diameter as your cranks spin into stronger positions.

It’s about 50/50 here at BikeCo’s staff on oval versus standard chainrings. Really it’s a preference thing – I plan to ride an oval ring for more than a couple test rides soon to see if my opinion changes after more miles. The only thing mechanically I’ve noted on oval rings is the added pull on the rear derailleur to keep tension, but your derailleur is working hard through the suspension articulation anyhow. I imagine it is just a matter of making sure it’s lubricated now and then to help ensure your expected service life.

Magura MT7 brakes with HC lever

Magura MT7 brakes with HC levers are a super common upgrade to SRAM bikes.

The Magura brakes provide great modulation and power as well as a consistent feel across a range of terrain.

Depending on your riding conditions Magura offers a range of rotors designed to accommodate different levels of heat input, such as the 2 piece MDR-P rotors you’ll often see on burlier Enduro bike or eMTB setups.

Yeti SB130 with Float X2

In the market for a banger Yeti, Ibis or Mondraker?

Looking for that factory complete, or a factory build with some spec upgrades? Even a full custom? has you covered.

Check out our in-stock and in-bound bikes here then chat with our team about the changes you’re interested in to perfect that build to your riding.

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