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Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS King Nox

Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS, King, Nox

Enjoy some shots of this custom Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS with components from Chris King, Hope, Nox, Race Face and more.

Sometimes a build just lays out PERFECT. In this case the 2020 Yeti SB150 Anthracite color pairs absolutely perfect with the Chris King as well as Hope silver accents.

This built started on our BikeCo Yeti SB150 Custom Complete Builder before coming to life. Check out all of our custom builder options.

Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS, King, Nox, Race Face – what a list!

The Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS build provides a cleaner cockpit without cables as well as the best wireless shifting system on the market. The SRAM XX1 AXS as well as the X01 AXS groups are now available as derailleur and shifter upgrade kits. This bike pairs one of the most popular Race Face Next-R cranks with SRAM AXS without issue.

Yeti SB150 XX1 with AXS shift controller detail


The unique shape of the SRAM AXS shifter provides super quick shifting up or down. While it may take a lap around the parking lot to get used to most of our AXS clients have kept the controls setup as delivered from the factory. However they can be changed easily in an app. The most relevant quote I think I’ve heard on it: “When I stopped thinking about it like a cable shifter and more as a remote it instantly made sense.”


Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS cassette, chain and rear derailleur with Hope Brakes and king hubs detail


Love how the Chris King and Hope Tech Silver set off the Yeti Anthracite frame. The rainbow SRAM XX1 AXS cassette fits right in.

Brands like King and Hope are favorites with BikeCo clients as well as staff. Elegant, amazing performance and constant innovation mean your King / Hope build is relevant now just like it was then! (My first semi-custom bikes were King / Hope – always have a spot for them)


Yeti SB150 Hope Tech3 E4 caliper detail


I’ve ridden 4 piston brakes for years and can’t say enough positive things about them. Riders can comfortably use smaller rotors which improves lever feel minimizing that grabby feel. The increased pad area also dissipates heat better. Build your dream Hope brakes in any variety of available colors using our Hope Brake Visualizer.


Nox Farlow CushCore valve stem detail on Yeti SB150


Nox Farlow rims with Silver DT Swiss Nipples and Black spokes give this build a classic look. Keeping the carbon Farlow rims off rocks at speed this bike is built with Cushcore rim liners. Although it is more and more common to see the Cushcore valve stems as stand alone products as they work excellent on a variety of rims.


A couple more pics


Chris King Silver front hub detail on Yeti SB150


Another shot highlighting the silver Chris King hubs. note the ridden tire and dirt on the cranks? Yup, this bike was a frame swap. Given the updates in geo over the last couple years as well as riders graduating from more entry level suspension systems frame swaps are a pretty common sight at BikeCo.


Yeti SB150 Chris King Silver headset and top tube detail


The 2020 Yeti SB150 graphics package is far and away my current favorite. Clean. Crisp. Elegant. Most of all it seems ready for your custom artwork! I’ve got some concepts in mind…


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