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Listed are some basics about BikeCo.com, with the least legal jargon possible!

BikeCo.com is a website primarily designed to illustrate expertise and facilitate points of contact for clients to personalize bike builds, suspension purchases or tunes as well as custom wheel builds. Its secondary purpose is offering limited components via e-commerce. Content is provided as a value added for our clients and advertising. Reviews, How-To’s, etc are the opinions of the authors and do not claim to represent any manufacturer’s opinion or sanction.

We offer mountain bikes from Ibis, Yeti and Alchemy as well as components from industry leaders like Fox Suspension, SRAM, Shimano, Magura and more. Our business model focuses on sport to pro race level MTB with product selection and services reflective of this.

BikeCo.com does not share or sell any of your data.

At all times we do our best to reasonably accommodate the fluid changes to web standards. If you have suggestions or issues please utilize the accessibility contact listed below.

Utilizing BikeCo.com

By viewing BikeCo.com you agree to abide by the following steps to mitigate accessibility or other issues on the site:

Any issues discovered are to be brought to the attention of the accessibility contact. Concerns will be reviewed and addressed in a timely manner. If a concern remains after meaningful engagement with the accessibility contact attempting remediation then third party mediation must be attempted in good faith before any legal action can be taken.

Accessibility Statement for BikeCo.com

BikeCo.com is committed to providing accessibility for all of our clients.

We strive for the best accessibility conformance; however, some features may be unable to conform to all assistive technologies. In these cases we do our best to offer secondary solutions. For product inquiries client’s are welcome to contact us in-store, via phone at 949-470-1099, email CustomerService@BikeCo.com, use the contact form submission below or our web chat.

If you are unable to utilize any areas of this site please contact us in any of the manners listed or below. Communications for product acquisition or questions on previous purchases are typically answered as close to real time as possible. Other communications are typically answered within five (5) days.

Accessibility Contact:
Nate Collins


949-470-1099 (calls will be scheduled as available)

Nate Collins, Accessibility Contact
The Bike Company
21098 Bake Parkway #112
Lake Forest, CA 92630

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