8/8/20 – Update / Web Construction!
We’ve launched our new theme and will be updating the Ibis, Yeti and Alchemy completes shortly.
In the interim feel free to contact us about the latest factory completes available.


BikeCo offers Ibis & Yeti Factory Build kits across a range of price points.

Both Ibis & Yeti provide riders excellent value balanced with great performance on their factory builds.

BikeCo offers clients the ability to fine tune factory builds with upgrades or changes on components that directly modify your bike’s personality.

Some of the most popular updates to the Ibis & Yeti kits are Magura brakes, Ergon saddles, your favorite tires as well as suspension upgrades.

Chat with our sales team about maximizing your new bike right out of the box by swapping components for the perfect setup.

We also offer proprietary Pro Tune services on FOX forks and rear shocks. FOX products are absolute class leaders, but, they’re built for a wide range of riders.

With our Pro Tune services we narrow the performance window from “works for everyone” to a more personalized setup. This provides a suspension with a broader tune range without becoming knife edge. Our custom suspension service is popular with novice, intermediate, expert riders as well as racers.

BikeCo also provides unbeatable after sales service to our clients. After the delivery setup our team will be in contact several times to help you take your bike from “this is good” to “man, this is DIALED”.

Questions along the way? No problem. Everyone on staff is happy to help you understand when you need a little more compression, or less rebound, or more PSI, or less ramp: I think you get the idea!