8/10/20: Under Construction! More Suspension products are being added. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact our team for details.

BikeCo offers the best MTB suspension from leading manufacturers. We’ve narrowed down the best performing forks and rear shocks.

This page lists both forks and rear shocks, with a filter below to narrow the field.

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When you purchase suspension from you get more than new dampers to mount onto your bike. You’ll have access to our expert team to help you fine tune the setup for your particular riding style as well.

Want to take the performance to the next level? Chat with our team about BikeCo Pro Tunes to personalize your FOX MTB suspension. Pro Tune Suspension has been developed working with a variety of riders to ensure its performance is applicable from Pro Racers to Novice Riders. In fact, one could argue that newer riders often get the most out of our suspension tunes as they’re not trying to learn to ride and tune, just ride!