8/10/20: Under Construction! More Suspension products are being added. If you don’t see what you’re looking for contact our team for details.

BikeCo offers the best MTB Rear Shocks on the market. These shocks provide the widest tune range to dial in your bike’s performance.

Upgrading a rear shock is a good opportunity to address performance gaps in your setup. Many modern rear shocks are adjustable by air pressure (or coil spring rate), high and low speed rebound, high and low speed compression as well as ramp rate.

As modern shocks develop there are more and more ways to control a variety of performance aspect. No longer are riders sacrificing small bump compliance or support. Using modern compression and volume spacing options a wide range of tunes are available.

When you purchase a rear shock from not only should you be excited about the updated product on your bike, but the access to our expert team to help you dial in your purchase.

Dialing in air pressure (sag), rebound, compression and ramp can be intimidating. Not when you have a team experienced dialing in suspension like ours at BikeCo.

Want to take your performance to the next level? Chat with our team about personalizing your new FOX rear shock with our proprietary Pro Tunes.

Rear shock Pro Tunes are available on FOX products for a wide range of suspension designs including Switch Infinity, DW, Sine, VPP as well as a handful of others. Our team will create a bio of your riding specifics for the suspension department and provide you with a shock with a narrowed performance window for your riding. This means external adjustments are more finite allowing improved tunes.

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