BikeCo offers the best 29″ as well as 27.5″ MTB forks available. This includes the latest FOX 38 as well as the revised FOX 36 forks.

A variety of travels, offsets and damper configurations mean we have something for every rider.

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team to help you dial in your purchase.

BikeCo offers unmatched customer service and after sale follow up to help you dial in your new suspension.

Want to take your FOX suspension to the next level? Chat with us about the benefits of our proprietary BikeCo Pro Tunes. Pro Tunes are available on all FOX forks as well as many FOX rear shocks. We Pro Tune FOX rear shocks for a variety of the leading suspension designs such as DW, Switch Infinity, Sine, VPP and more. Have an Ibis, Yeti, Alchemy, Pivot, Giant, YT, Intense or Santa Cruz? We have a Pro Tune for you!

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Here at we have been at the cutting edge of suspension since 1999. Owner Joe Binatena has worked with some of the fastest racers in MTB developing products, improving setups and creating tunes.

We offer the best suspension from FOX, Rock Shox, and DVO and know which product is right for which rider.

Our expertise also allows us to produce custom configurations – such as FOX’s orange forks in all travel settings. Want a 160 or 170 Orange FOX 38? No problem. FOX 36 150 in gloss orange? Again, not an issue.

This expertise doesn’t stop when your product is delivered. Our team is available to help you fine tune your MTB fork setup based on your size, riding style, aggression levels, ground speeds, etc. After delivery expect a few phone calls with loaded questions to allow us to help take your suspension from “man that’s pretty good” to “THIS IS DIALED.”

BikeCo will help you understand the balance between small bump compliance and support. We will give you the confidence to work with air volume spacing, compression, rebound and more to fine tune your suspension. Don’t let the variables confuse you! Work with and you will better understand your MTB fork and enjoy your rides even more.

We look forward to working with you!

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MTB Forks Fox 36 Limited Edition Root Beer with revised arch, Kabolt-X axle, and bleed ports