Tips & Tricks: MTB Riding

Riding tips, etiquette, random stuff that will make your time on trail even better!

New to MTB: Learning to ride Rock Gardens Continuing our New to MTB series let’s look at learning to ride rock gardens. Rock gardens are typically defined as a series of rock features spaced such that you will be forced to engage them in some way. The techniques that will help you confidently ride in […]

New to MTB: Sighting Trail Users There are a lot of new faces on the trails these days. Welcome – we hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. There has been a lot of change (understatement right?) the last couple months. One that has effected new riders is the lack of group […]

Better MTB Cornering with Coach Kevin Aiello I’ve come to terms with it. I’m kind of spoiled. For example, extending a morning ride counts as work if you invite the right people. So here’s Better MTB cornering with coach Kevin Aiello! Are you  you’re already familiar with these concepts? Rad! In the world of “nothing’s […]

Kevin Aiello Pro Tips: MTB Cornering Technique BikeCo Pro Rider Kevin Aiello wants you to corner faster. With more confidence. To have more fun. What a guy right? Let’s take a look at Kevin Aiello’s Pro Tips: MTB Cornering Technique. Some quick backstory – Kevin came by a few days ago to help with a […]

Late Apex vs Early Apex Cornering I had a handful of questions on Late Apex vs Early Apex Cornering after the Yeti SB130 review earlier this week. Lets go over some of the advantages of late apex, or “squaring” the corner when pleasure riding your MTB. The image below illustrates Late Apex vs Early Apex […]

Better Small Bump Compliance Riding Technique Every MTB rider is looking to improve their suspension. At BikeCo we offer the best products on the market as well as proprietary Pro Tune Services to maximize performance. Still having issues? Let’s look at Better Small Bump Compliance through technique and more powerful brakes. Quick review. Poor small […]

MTB Riding Tips – Good Practices and Techniques for MTB Riders Here at we work with a wide variety of riders. From pro racers, seasoned experts all the way to first bike purchasers. We thought it would be useful for riders to have a singular place to reference for tips to take their trail […]