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MTB Helmets: Ride the Best & Replace them Yearly…

Never a review we want to do - but, here's a life example of why with MTB Helmets you ride the best quality and replace them yearly... If you watched the video you know I had quite the week. Really feeling blessed and lucky that it wasn't worse. It felt like a lot of things [...]

Nukeproof Ride Review: Mega 290 & Reactor 290

Mike, Tracy and I had a chance to take out two of the most popular bikes in the Nukeproof lineup. While we didn't have the most cooperative SoCal June weather we defined what we liked about the spec and how the Nukeproof Mega 290 and Reactor 290 ride on trail. Mega 290 & Reactor 290: [...]

Night Riding: New Adventures on Familiar Trails!

With the upcoming time change and winter closing in the day light hours riders have a couple options for weekday rides. (or, if you're like me and ah, socially challenged let's say less busy riding windows!) One is to get up early, although sometimes that light window is short too. The other is to find [...]

Mondraker FOXY Carbon Review: Extended Ride

Well, I’ve put in some really enjoyable months and miles on my FOXY Carbon so, it’s time to put down my Mondraker FOXY carbon Review: Extended Ride. The abridged version: I love this bike and build. Love it. The FOXY Carbon is confident, predictable and it pedals amazingly well for what I would have considered [...]

Understanding Maxxis MTB Tires

Want to learn more about the technical details of Maxxis MTB tires? explains tires including PSI, sidewalls, compounds and tread patterns to help you fine tune your bike's performance. Maxxis MTB Tires One of the things you'll take away from this video is how riders are using sidewall technology to fine tune PSI as [...]

Five Ten Stealth vs Ride Concepts Max Grip

A lot of flat pedal riders ask about the difference between the Five Ten Stealth vs Ride Concepts Max Grip soles. Well let's take a look at why we stock both the Five Ten and Ride Concepts shoes here at So what's similar? They both work well. Confident and predictable grip is critical to [...]

Comparing FOX GRIP2 and Ohlins RXF Forks

It’s our goal to ensure we know what parts are right for what rider. Sometimes that means trying a new part, although mostly that’s left to our racers. Sometimes it means looking at a new tune option. This time, it meant finding the edge of the Ohlins suspension on my Mondraker Foxy Carbon. Let’s take [...]

Spec Swaps Performance or Preference: Yeti SB130 TLR T1 Build

Here's a look at the Yeti SB130 TLR T1 build spec. What stands out? What bits are commonly swapped? What would we swap out if we were building it ourselves? Let’s jump right in. Yeti SB130 TLR T1 Build Carbon frame, Turq series 29” Enduro bike that's a fun all day trail ripper as well. [...]

Extended First Ride: Mondraker FOXY Carbon Review

Well, after about 4 years I changed bikes this week. I demo-ed the aluminum Mondraker FOXY and decided the carbon version, with suspension and brakes I liked would be a good fit. So far, I’ve been blown away with how right that is. Here we go with an Extended First Ride: Mondraker FOXY Carbon Review. [...]

Thoughts on the 2022 Mondraker FOXY First Ride

With the Mondraker Demo Fleet here at for a week I had an opportunity to grab one of the 2022 Mondraker FOXY demos for a morning to help better define some of the details that set this bike apart. Here are my thoughts on the 2022 Mondraker FOXY First ride! spoiler alert... pulled the [...]

Increase Support & Improve MTB Small Bump Compliance

As your riding progresses your settings and preferences are going to change. Faster, more aggressive riding puts different demands on your equipment and balancing your setup with these changes will help you improve your riding experience. You’re likely to find you need additional support from the suspension. This is typically done with increased compression or [...]

Getting a Grip: Ahead of Time is the New Just in Time

I need new grips. The grips I love are allegedly not available for a year. But the economy is dead, never to work again, in anyway shape or form? If you read the headlines it’s shocking we’ve made it this far. Don’t worry, they’ll tell you where the cliff is. Right, right, right past that [...]

POC Kortal Race MIPS Helmet First Rides Review

Those of you who've been around the site for a while know I'm big on retiring helmets, even if they haven't taken a impact. They're made of a foam, exposed to UV, sweat, heat in your car, etc. Point is: it's time for a new helmet and here are my first rides review of the [...]

Gimble on Chesty?

Disclaimer(?) - not sure that's the "best" word but in the modern social world I guess you have to announce all this right?? We do not sell GoPro bits or accessories. None of the pictured or utilized bits were provided in exchange for content or whatever. I bought them. Cause, it's easier to buy stuff [...]

MTB Riding Tips: Sighting Down Trail

We're going to be adding more MTB Riding Tips here at Have an idea of what you want to see? Let us know by online chat or send us an email! MTB Riding Tips: Sighting Down Trail We're often asked for tips to help riders improve their skills. One of the most important [...]

5 MTB FUNdamentals for your new Mountain Bike A lot of new riders are gravitating to the Ibis Aluminum Frames, the Ibis Ripmo AF and Ripley AF. So what are some of the tips and tricks to help you have the most fun on trail? Funny you should ask… Here are some of the top [...]

New to MTB: Learning to ride Rock Gardens Continuing our New to MTB series let’s look at learning to ride rock gardens. Rock gardens are typically defined as a series of rock features spaced such that you will be forced to engage them in some way. The techniques that will help you confidently ride in […]

New to MTB: Sighting Trail Users There are a lot of new faces on the trails these days. Welcome – we hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. There has been a lot of change (understatement right?) the last couple months. One that has effected new riders is the lack of group […]

Better MTB Cornering with Coach Kevin Aiello I’ve come to terms with it. I’m kind of spoiled. For example, extending a morning ride counts as work if you invite the right people. So here’s Better MTB cornering with coach Kevin Aiello! Are you  you’re already familiar with these concepts? Rad! In the world of “nothing’s […]

Kevin Aiello Pro Tips: MTB Cornering Technique BikeCo Pro Rider Kevin Aiello wants you to corner faster. With more confidence. To have more fun. What a guy right? Let’s take a look at Kevin Aiello’s Pro Tips: MTB Cornering Technique. Some quick backstory – Kevin came by a few days ago to help with a […]

Late Apex vs Early Apex Cornering I had a handful of questions on Late Apex vs Early Apex Cornering after the Yeti SB130 review earlier this week. Lets go over some of the advantages of late apex, or “squaring” the corner when pleasure riding your MTB. The image below illustrates Late Apex vs Early Apex […]

Better Small Bump Compliance Riding Technique Every MTB rider is looking to improve their suspension. At BikeCo we offer the best products on the market as well as proprietary Pro Tune Services to maximize performance. Still having issues? Let’s look at Better Small Bump Compliance through technique and more powerful brakes. Quick review. Poor small […]

MTB Riding Tips – Good Practices and Techniques for MTB Riders Here at we work with a wide variety of riders. From pro racers, seasoned experts all the way to first bike purchasers. We thought it would be useful for riders to have a singular place to reference for tips to take their trail […]