MTB Bikes & Frames

Since 1999 BikeCo has worked with the leading manufactures in MTB. We offer the best MTB bikes & frames on the market.

To make our short list these brands bring top tier performance, quality control, customer support as well as a wide range of tuning capacity.

We have the best suspension systems available.

Ibis brings the latest DW designs by Dave Weagle. Yeti’s SB series of bikes utilize the proprietary Switch Infinity.

All of these suspension designs balance efficiency, small bump compliance and competency in bigger terrain.

Each suspension design offers a bit different personality on trail. Questions on which one is right for you? Contact our team to discuss your riding style and preferences.

DW Suspension is known as confident and competent while retaining amazing pedaling capacity. Ibis’ DW bikes are well behaved and extremely balanced front to rear. Ibis has established class leaders across the board. The Ripmo, Ripley, Mojo 4, as well as the aluminum Ripmo AF and Ripley AF. The Ripmo AF brings Enduro capable class leading DW suspension into the entry level sport price range. The Ripley AF does the same in the trail bike category.

Yeti’s Switch Infinity suspension is another acknowledged class leader. The Switch Infinity is a well balanced and great pedaling platform. Switch Infinity Yeti SB bikes offer a nice balance of “pop” with surefooted cornering.  Love pumping the trails for speed? Yeti’s beg for more. The SB series has 29″ and 27.5″ bikes, and even a couple you can build into mullets. In 29″ the SB150, SB130 as well as SB115 cover riders from EWS racing to cross country endurance. 27.5″ bikes are covered by the SB165 and SB140 chassis. Both of the 27.5″ bikes can be setup as Mullet bikes with 29″ front wheels. The SB165 is approved for triple crown forks as well!

Questions? It’s understandable! BikeCo will help you nail down the right bike with the right setup.

Your build, or frame if you order a frame only, will go through a proprietary BikeCo Frame Prep Service.

BikeCo's Tracy Sledge performs a frame prep on a Yeti SB130 frame during build

Our Frame Prep provides riders with improved performance, less noise as well as longer service intervals. These techniques have been developed working with some of the fastest riders in MTB. Standard and Race Frame Prep services are available. Learn more about BikeCo Frame Prep.

After you take delivery our team will continue to work with you dialing in suspension, cockpit and tire settings. We love taking clients from “pretty good” to “this is DIALED”.

BikeCo’s after sales service is unmatched in MTB.

Looking for something a bit more specific? BikeCo is here for you. We offer custom builds on Ibis, Yeti and Alchemy chassis. View BikeCo Custom Builders.

Whether you’re shopping frame only, factory complete (with or without upgrades), semi or full custom has you covered with the best MTB bikes & frames on the market.

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