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Unless you live in a bubble you’re in the loop that ETA’s are a little wild right now – we’ve done our best to list availability of the 2022 Mondraker’s based on build, size and timeline.

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Get into the Mondraker MIND

Mondraker MIND Telemetry Explaination

The new Mondraker MIND system provides riders access to data to fine tune your suspension setup and tune based on your riding style, terrain and ground speeds.

From Mondraker’s site:

Thanks to MIND, setting up your bike has never been so easy:
Now you can turn sensations into real data.

The sensor sends information to a master unit which is hidden inside the headtube. This master unit has several roles. It doubles as the front sensor which “reads” the magnetic field of a magnet which is fixed to the back of the top of the left fork leg. The sensor measures fork travel relative to the sensor 100 times per second on the move, and up to 5000 times a second while measuring sag.The master unit is also the Bluetooth transmitter which sends the data collected from all the sensors to the myMondraker app installed on your smartphone once your ride is over.

Mondraker MIND Telemetry Rear Suspension

Con’t from Mondraker’s site:


This master unit also receives the data sent from the rear MIND sensor which is fixed to the linkage of the Zero suspension system and which in turn measures the magnetic field of a magnet which is on the main pivot point of the rear triangle.

Mondraker MIND Telemetry Sensors

Con’t from Mondraker’s site:

199 gr.

Last but not least the master unit also contains an integrated GPS system which has its own GSM 2G/4G connectivity independent of your phone.Each mind unit contains its own rechargeable battery which is good for more than 20 hours continuous run time and more than 15 days on standby. To fully recharge the system you only need connect each device to a charger with a USB C connection. A blue light flashes continuously if the system is charging. The whole system including both sensors, batteries, magnets and antenna weighs in at only 199 grams, is completely maintenance free and is incorporated into the bike so subtly that it’s almost unnoticeable.

MIND connects automatically to the myMondraker app (which you can download for free for both Android and iOS) via Bluetooth thus synching all the data relative to your ride, including how your suspension worked from the beginning to the end.

Mondraker MIND: Shock Data working with BikeCo

Intimidated by the telemetry? No worries – we’ve been working with telemetry for years.

A telemetry chart is just that, a chart. Now, it’s an incredibly useful chart full of great data to be worked through with the rider. Off-road telemetry in particular requires some level of debrief with the rider to really grasp what the telemetry is saying.

For instance – let’s say there’s a set of outlier data: working with the rider our suspension team can help define the importance of that data point as well as whether it necessitates a change in setup, or if it was a “whoops” moment.

Let’s say you’re on your pleasure ride, come across an off the leash dog, hit the brakes hard, go offline into uncut chunk, ride it out and stop to get the apologies from the dog owner.  Well that data is going to present itself similarly to a racer coming burying the suspension in a pocket or hole on the “a” line and coming off the bike before starting again.

For the pleasure rider the debrief is “ya, whoops moment” and the outlier data is tossed out. With a racer you might look at that data and say, ya, that one point is going to be a problem at the speeds we’re riding, and upping the compression to keep the bike in control through there will save me huge time compared to the little bit I’ll lose with less small bump compliance on the flatter areas of the stage.

With the extra data from the Mondraker MIND riders can work with their suspension setup team here at BikeCo with hard data. Coupling the data with information from your riding experience our team is can help you define which controls will fine tune your bike’s trail feel.

BikeCo clients enjoy our team reaching out about three times to help you fine tune your setup. We aim to chat after the first ride, first week and second week – but we’re available anytime. Always feel free to reach out to our staff at or the webchat at or call 949/470-1099 as well.

Questions? No problem – we love to chat bikes, bike technology and bike setup with our clients. If you’re shopping for a Mondraker you owe it to yourself to see the additional value added working with

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