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Enjoy some of our favorite animation and videos with a variety of MTB Tips & Tricks.

These videos depict a variety of how-tos to help riders better setup and service brakes, suspension, tires, headsets and more.

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Adjustable Travel on Dropper Posts Fine tune your MTB fit with these MTB  seatposts featuring adjustable travel on dropper posts. Adjusting adjustable travel? Isn't that like a double negative? No, not really. For riders who are looking for the maximum travel on their dropper post the adjustable sizing from OneUp Components and PNW provides a [...]

Understanding MTB Suspension Controls Air Pressure, Volume Spacing, Rebound and Compression work in concert to fine tune you bike's performance.  Watch the video and read through the blog to be a step closer to understanding MTB Suspension Controls! Video: MTB Suspension for Beginners Click through the tabs below to learn more about the specifics of [...]

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Understanding Rear Shock Negative Air Chamber A fairly common question is “why does my rear shock lose air when I check it?” While there are mechanical issues that may cause air loss not pre-charging a pump or understanding how the negative air chamber works are more often the culprit.

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Service Chris King Headset Bearings Enjoy a quick video and write-up that illustrates how to easily service Chris King headset bearings. One of the great draws to these products is with very basic maintenance you can expect them to easily last the lifespan of your bike.

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Basic MTB Suspension Setup 2020 brought a lot of new faces to MTB. We’re stoked to see more people benefit from the sport we all love. That said, a lot of shops simply can’t support rider development like we can. So, here’s a video & blog going through Basic MTB Suspension […]

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Shifter Barrel Adjustment In this How-To we have a video and write-up showing some basics of shifting trouble shooting as well as how to use your barrel adjusters. Barrel adjusters are used for minute shifting corrections and are useful on new builds due to cable stretch (or housing shrink depending on […]

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Dismount Tire, Repair Tape & Remount Tire Here’s a How-To showing how to remove an MTB tire, repair tubeless tape and remount the tire. Video & blog below! (PS, excuse some of the wind / street / cat in the audio – we’ve wanted to make sure client’s have access to […]

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Aligning MTB Brake Calipers In this Tips & Tricks post we look at how to quickly and easily align MTB brake calipers that are dragging. Video & Write-Up below!

BikeCo Tips & Tricks: Adjusting Chris King Hubs It’s typical to need to adjust Chris King hubs when the bearing breaks in. This video and write-up will show you how easy adjusting King Hubs is. (excuse the breeze noise in spots on the video – the Covid home studio can be noisy…)

MTB Tire Removal – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Enjoy a quick video and write up illustrating MTB Tire Removal in this post of BikeCo Tips & Tricks. Modern sidewalls can make MTB Tire Removal a bit more of a challenge, but with a couple quick tidbits you will make your life notably easier.

New Bike Assembly A typical new bike delivered from doesn’t need much to hit the trails. With some basic tools and a bit of skill you’re on your way. You’ve got a fresh BikeCo Build. New Bike Assembly shouldn’t be intimidating. (so, the modern work from home means this video is in the yard, […]

Improve Chain & Cassette Wear There are a lot of tips and tricks to improve chain & cassette wear. This tip helps minimize wear and bent cassette teeth. It’s pretty simple. Check out the video then read the post for more details.

PreCharging a Suspension Pump – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Let us show you how to precharge a suspension pump for the most accurate air suspension setup. Many of our clients, and all of our racers, are looking to really dial in suspension. In order to accomplish this it is important to make minute adjustments to […]

Install MTB Fork Volume Spacers Want to increase or decrease the ramp rate on your fork? You can easily modify the ramp rate with volume spacers. Disclaimer – If you doubt your mechanical ability utilize a professional resource. Suspension is critical to performance and your safety. This video assumes your fork is in good working […]

BikeCo Service Evaluation When you bring your bike in for service BikeCo’s staff will go through your bike front to back. This pre-service evaluation provides an overview of basic maintenance your bike requires. Do you have addition concerns or hard to diagnose issues? No problem. Let our team know and they will note your issues […]

Install MTB Shock Volume Spacers Want to increase or decrease the ramp rate on your MTB shock? You can easily modify the ramp rate with volume spacers. Disclaimer – If you doubt your mechanical ability utilize a professional resource. Suspension is critical to performance and your safety. This video assumes your shock is in good […]

Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost Hydraulic Reset The Bike Yoke Revive seatpost has been extremely popular. With one of the longest options on the market at 185mm the Bike Yoke Revive seatpost also stands out with it’s simple hydraulic reset.   If your Bike Yoke Revive adjustable seatpost is “squishy” air has mixed with the hydraulic […]

Pre-Ride Chain Cleaning & Lube – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Chain Lube? Yup, it’s that important. Want to read more? Check out another blog post about why it’s important as well as my personal program…

Eliminate Cable Slap – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Some internal cable routed frames have tubes between cable ports while others are open. One isn’t necessarily right and the other wrong and each can have unique considerations. Open frames may suffer from cable slap which this video and blog will address.

Headset Adjustment – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

Headset Adjustment – BikeCo Tips & Tricks OK, disclaimer time. Headsets are critical to your safety. If you aren’t sure of your mechanical aptitude find a professional resource.

MTB Brake Bubble Bleed – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Assuming a quality initial bleed most lever related issues can be traced back to air in the master cylinder. An occasional bubble bleed will help keep your lever feel consistent and brake performance at its best. OK, disclaimer time. Brakes are critical to your safety. If […]

Basic Bike Wash – BikeCo Tips & Tricks Enjoy a quick video of a Basic Bike Wash to keep your mountain bike looking as well as riding its best. I love to ride my bike. Frankly, I’m not sure I love maintaining it. But with some basic maintenance everything lasts longer and works better. This […]

On Trail Rotor Resurfacing – BikeCo Tips & Tricks In a pinch, you can correct some rotor contamination or heat saturation issues on trail.  This BikeCo Tips & Tricks video illustrates how On Trail Rotor Resurfacing works. Rotors that are heat saturated will show excessive black along the pad contact area. This is typical when […]

MTB Preride Check Video Check out this video of a basic MTB Preride Check. Going through these details before each ride improves service intervals as well as performance. How-To & video.

Bike Cable Housing Connector – Quick DIY Video Clean up your build by making a quick Bike Cable Housing Connector. These are common to keep lines parallel particularly near the controls. Video & How-To below.

Trimming Zip Ties Flush Video – BikeCo Tips in Sixty Trimming Zip Ties Flush Video – this tip helps your build look sharp. Of course when the tail of a zip tie isn’t flush they can be super sharp!

Burp MTB Fork Video – Burp & Lube Seals to improve small bump compliance This simple step will help you release built up air pressure in your fork lowers and at the same time put a bit of lube on the seals, foam rings and bushings. How-To write-up below video.

How To Open Chris King Bearings for Service Pro Tips by BikeCo’s Joe Binatena. How-To below video.

MTB Shifting Barrel Adjustment Video MTB Shifting Barrel Adjustment Video – Fine Tune Your Derailleur with the Shifter’s Barrel Adjustment. Video & How-To write-up below.

MTB Shifting Issues Video Learn about common MTB Shifting Issues in this Tips in Sixty Video. How-To write-up is located below video.

Mountain Bike Brake Bubble Bleed Video Tips in Sixty – Mountain Bike Brake Bubble Bleed Video. Watch the video then read the How-To below video. If you have any questions or doubts find a professional to service your brakes.

Changing Mountain Bike Brake Pads Video Changing Mountain Bike Brake Pads Video – best practices for ultimate performance. How-To text & video.

Resurface MTB Rotors Tips in Sixty Video. Learn how to quickly resurface your rotors for improved performance by removing pad glaze.  

Precharge a Shock Pump Video

Precharge a Shock Pump Video This video & blog were updated 11/27/19 check it out here!   Learn how to Precharge a Shock Pump for the most accurate adjustments. We get a lot of clients looking to really dial in suspension. Here’s an often overlooked trick – how to precharge your shock pump. It’s not […]