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Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost Hydraulic Reset

Bike Yoke Revive Seatpost Hydraulic Reset

The Bike Yoke Revive seatpost has been extremely popular. With one of the longest options on the market at 185mm the Bike Yoke Revive seatpost also stands out with it’s simple hydraulic reset.


If your Bike Yoke Revive adjustable seatpost is “squishy” air has mixed with the hydraulic fluid.


To quickly eliminate this follow these steps.


First extend the post to its full height.

Insert a 4mm allen wrench into the reset located on the drive side near the saddle mount.

Gently rotate the Revive reset clockwise until you feel it hit the stop.

While holding the reset against the stop push the seatpost completely down with your other hand.

Release the 4mm allen in the Revive reset and let go of the saddle.

Bring the saddle to full height using the remote.

If you still have squish in the system you can repeat these steps.

If your seatpost is rigid go hit the trails…

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