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6-9-20 Ibis Mojo 4 Geometry Explained 2

Ibis Mojo 4 – Improved Geo Rides Better Than Ever

With the Ibis Mojo 4 27.5″ wheel riders have a new trail bike option on the short list for review. Why are experienced riders so excited with the new Mojo 4 and the Yeti SB140? With modern geometry updates designers have been able to shift to smaller travel options without sacrificing as much trail performance. Read: more poppy, more playful, and quicker handling without being sketchy. These bikes have longer reach numbers, but move the rider rearward in regards [...]

New to MTB Learning to ride rock gardens

New to MTB: Learning to ride Rock Gardens

Continuing our New to MTB series let’s look at learning to ride rock gardens. Rock gardens are typically defined as a series of rock features spaced such that you will be forced to engage them in some way. The techniques that will help you confidently ride in rock gardens will help other places. Learning to keep your eyes ahead is important in any terrain. Becoming comfortable with a bit of momentum will help with rock gardens, single rocks, holes, [...]

Yeti SB130 Custom Build by BikeCo

Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

Enjoy some pictures of this custom Yeti SB130 by One of the best things about the Yeti SB130 is the wide range of terrain that it’s at home in. This leads to a wide variety of builds that are all absolute bangers. This build is highlighted with the best in MTB from tip to tail.     The clean SB130 frame design lends itself to a range or highlight colors. This build features SRAM XX1 AXS derailleur and shifter with the XX1 Gold [...]


New to MTB: Sighting Trail Users

There are a lot of new faces on the trails these days. Welcome – we hope you enjoy the outdoors as much as we do. There has been a lot of change (understatement right?) the last couple months. One that has effected new riders is the lack of group rides. A lot of group rides were effective to help new riders understand etiquette as well as tips to improve their riding. We’re going to publish a handful of concepts [...]

5-18-20 Yeti SB140 AXS Custom Build 1

Custom Yeti SB140 Build

Enjoy some detail photos of this custom Yeti SB140 build by It’s the small details that make a big difference on this build. Make sure you take note of the oil slick brake hardware! Custom Yeti SB140   This build features the wireless SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain as well as the Rock Shox Reverb AXS seatpost. The AXS option allows riders to customize their remote’s performance and take advantage of a self trimming rear derailleur. The multi-colored AXS XX1 chain and [...]

5-6-20 Effective Seattube Angle Explained

Effective Seattube Angle Explained

Part two in an extended look at MTB Geo. (We started with explaining how Reach & Stack are directly connected) In this post we will examine how steeper effective seattube angles stretched bikes out, but actually made them more nimble and even may lead to riders downsizing. As counter-intuitive as it may seem… In short, modern seattube angles position riders further forward. This requires a longer reach dimension as well as extends the front center and wheelbase. But, riders [...]

Exploring mtb geo rider reach and stack

Exploring MTB Geometry

We often talk about a bike’s cutting edge geometry. But what makes an ideal MTB geo? Well, if you’re listening to some of the “influencers” it’s reach, reach and reach… Except it’s not nearly that simple. Exploring MTB Geometry you’ll see that reach is far more malleable than you might have thought. I’d like to take a few posts and explore some of the various balancing acts that go on to produce a great fitting MTB geo. Teaser: As we [...]

MTB Tire Removal BikeCo Tips and Tricks

MTB Tire Removal – BikeCo Tips & Tricks

Enjoy a quick video and write up illustrating MTB Tire Removal in this post of BikeCo Tips & Tricks. Modern sidewalls can make MTB Tire Removal a bit more of a challenge, but with a couple quick tidbits you will make your life notably easier. Being confident working with your tires is important for both on trail as well as shop repairs. Knowing how to quickly change tires lets you dial in for the weekend trip or race event that [...]

MTB New Bike Assembly Common Issue

New Bike Assembly

A typical new bike delivered from doesn’t need much to hit the trails. With some basic tools and a bit of skill you’re on your way. You’ve got a fresh BikeCo Build. New Bike Assembly shouldn’t be intimidating. (so, the modern work from home means this video is in the yard, with my bike “standing in” for a new rig. Obviously your new bike will be cleaner, not have broken spokes in the back wheel, etc! haha. Also, I [...]

Ibis Ripmo 170mm Fork Headtube Angle

170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo

We’ve been getting a ton of interest in what a 170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo, both V1 and V2, is all about. Well, there are a handful of things you’re looking at. Let’s skip the flowery verbiage and jump right in. 170mm Fork on Ibis Ripmo The current supply (and it changes daily!) of Ripmo V1 have a lot of people wondering about running 170mm forks to blur the lines between V1 and V2. This creates a slacker headtube angle as [...]