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Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom: Enve, King, Magura

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom with Enve, King, Magura & More

Since it’s launch the Yeti SB130 has been a bike confident in all terrain. Trail rip after work? Fun bike. Big enduro adventure on the weekend? Ya, that’s what this bike lives for!

This Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom features bits from all the leading manufacturers. USA made parts are well represented with ENVE M730 rims and M7 stem as well as Chris King hubs and headset. Magura MT7 Raceline brakes provide great modulation and stopping power. Ergon saddle and Deity grips not only have the right accent colors but provide confident, comfortable options for a wide range of riders.

The SRAM AXS drivetrain provides crisp shifting and clean installation. XX1 10-52t rainbow cassette and chain bring a touch of bling to the black and teal build.


Yeti SB130 Custom SRAM AXS Drivetrain


Cane Creek eeWing cranks have been gaining momentum on bikes at this level. Designed as a titanium alternative to carbon fiber cranks Cane Creek advertises the eeWings as lighter and stiffer than carbon. The titanium fabrication adds a touch of elegance. Small welds remind riders of previous dream bikes when metal builds were more common.

The OneUp Bash and Guide is the perfect accent hue while helping keep the chainring off rocks or logs you’ll encounter ripping down trail.


Magura MT7 Raceline Lever detail


Magura’s HC3 lever provides riders the ultimate adjustability. Easily control reach as well as leverage. One of the best aspects to the adjustments of the HC3 lever is the delineation lines to help you fine tune setup. Magura offers riders the ability to continue to fine tune setup with a range of brake rotors and sizes as well as pad materials with different personalities. Questions on what Magura setup is right for you? Our team of experts is here to help you get the right brake for your riding.


Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride


The lines on the modern Yeti Switch Infinity bikes look fast evening standing still. In a industry that can goes in and out of overly complex shapes Yeti’s straight, no-nonsense tubes – particularly the top tube and parallel seat stay just look so mean!


In the market for a new MTB? Well not only can bring you the best bits on the market we bring unmatched attention to detail before, during and after build. Our after sales service is second to none. Staff devotes time and energy to ensure your new bike dial in is a quick and smooth as possible. Our team is also available to help you fine tune your setup as your riding progresses. From cockpit setup, suspension settings, tire pressures and choices – there are a lot of factors that go into making your MTB work. has all of those factors covered.

Chat with us about a custom, semi-custom, factory build with upgrades or a stock build today!


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Yeti SB140 Mullet: AXS, Hope, Onyx

Yeti SB140 Mullet

Custom Yeti SB140 Mullet with AXS, Hope, Onyx and more

This Yeti SB140 Mullet has slightly less travel than Yeti’s mullet geometry. With a lower 29″ front end the SB140’s on trail performance is much closer to the balance expected in the 27.5″ configuration.

Attention to detail, and a bit of Covid availability compromise are seen tip to tail on this bike.

Yeti SB140 Ron Burgundy Top Tube


The Yeti SB140 Ron (Burgundy) frame really comes alive in natural UV light. With such an original and bold color this build uses shades of gray, black and silver tones for contrast.


Custom color Hope Tech3 V4 Brakes by BikeCo


Whether you’re looking for small subtly or bold colors our Custom Hope Brake Builder allows just the right accents to your build. Hope brakes offer excellent modulation and power.  Adjustable reach and bite point controls are shown here.  This build features Hope to SRAM 1 piece clamps for a clean cockpit setup. SRAM AXS drivetrain provides crisp, reliable shifting without a cable further cleaning the cockpit look.

Somewhat off topic: The pyramid grip surface on the Deity grips reminds me of perspective and light art classes from school…


Absolute Black Oil Slick Oval Chainring


The Absolute Black oval chain ring in Oil Slick / Rainbow, black XX1 AXS chain and titanium Cane Creek eeWings cranks offer nice contract on the drivetrain. A carbon MRP upper guide helps with chain retention in the chunkier terrain.


HT Components T1 pedals


HT Components T1 pedals are extremely popular with Enduro and Trail riders. Available in a variety of colors the T1 pedals tie in well with the medium grays on this build. One trick to the T1 pedals is to run them slightly tighter on the release than you might have run previous pedals. It might seem counter intuitive but running them slightly tighter improves the clip out feel making it easier for many riders.

SB140 Mullet Build by BikeCo

Chris King Dropset


Frames with integrated headsets can still take advantage of the Chris King precision performance. DropSet headsets provide unmatched quality of bearings and a variety of colors to accent your build. The King bearing is slightly taller than the Cane Creek integrated option which leads to this small gap on many frames like the Yeti SB140. This gap doesn’t really effect performance and I consider it akin to a badge of honor to run another American made component on my bike!

This SB140 has 20mm of carbon spacers under the stem. Modern bikes have gone back to a bit taller handlebars for improved performance particularly in steep terrain. When your hands are too low the bike often feels like it is being “pulled” backwards out from underneath you in chutes. Having your hands in the proper power position gives you the leverage to essentially “punch back” when the trail tries to take your bike from you!

This client chose the Industry Nine A318 stem in pink to acknowledge Cancer Awareness. Chromag bars weren’t his first choice, but with availability issues they were the best option with proper rise and a good sweep and carbon layup. More and more manufacturers are catching back up (Shimano is one big exception – but more on that some other time) meaning that Covid Compromise is effecting less and less builds.


Mullet SB140


Another product we’re seeing more and more riders gravitate to are Onyx hubs. Designed for instant engagement and silent freewheeling these hubs are available in a range of colors to accent your build.

The silent hub is much more notably than you might think – when I wheel Onyx bikes out to take pictures there’s always a “what’s missing” feeling until I remember it’s the Onyx hubs… Onyx hubs silent engagement are a touch heavier than other options – but for riders looking to really hear what their tires are doing and what’s around them they’re a cool option.

In the market for a custom bike? Semi-custom? Factory build with upgrades? Or just a stock build? In every case BikeCo is your resource.  We offer the best spec, setup, tune and pricing in MTB. We invite you to chat, email or call our staff today.

See you on the trails!

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Peas & Carrots: Custom Mullet Yeti SB165

Custom Mullet Yeti SB165

Enjoy some shots of this custom Mullet Yeti SB165 build by This Yeti Moss Green frame is set off with orange accents from Fox Suspension as well as CushCore valve stems.

Park, big mountain and enduro riding are on the slate for this build. Contact points include Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grips, Ergon SM Enduro saddle as well as HT Component Pedals.


BikeCo Pro Tune Decals on Fox 38 Fork


The 29″ front wheel provides additional roll over capacity while slightly mellowing the steering input. The smaller, stock, 27.5″ wheel in the rear gives riders more room to maneuver when jumping the bike as well as turns corners more quickly.  The slightly smaller circumference will accelerate more quickly when you jump on the power out of a corner.


Tag Metals MTB Stem and Bar combination


A popular “new” entrant to MTB at this level Tag Metals offer an excellent stem. Light and stiff the T1 stem transfers power well. The T1 Carbon bars are stiff enough to be effective without crossing into the “teeth rattler” realm some carbon bars are known to hit. Shop Handlebars here.

Another popular spec here at The Bike Company are Magura brakes. This bike features the MT7 brakes with HC levers. Magura’s 4 piston brakes allow riders to have both power and modulation. Modulation is defined as how the brake ramps into it’s power. For instance putting a stick in your spokes has a ton of instant stopping power, but, it’s gonna be hard to control. Conversely putting your foot on the back of the wheel (remember no brake bikes as kids?) isn’t going to stop you quick enough. These same issues are prevalent in MTB brakes. Some brakes bring the power on too quickly which can make them hard to control particularly in wet or low traction conditions. Other brakes lack the total power to confidently slow riders down. Magura has spent years dialing in the balance allowing riders to fine tune performance with rotor size and pad compounds. Find Magura Brakes Here.


Magura MT7 with HC Lever

Magura MT7 Caliper on Moss Green Mullet Yeti SB165

Custom Mullet Yeti SB165


HT Components Pedal mounted to RaceFace Next R Carbon Cranks


AE03 EVO+ Stealth pedals give the perfect look with their stealth graphics and black traction pins. RaceFace Next R carbon cranks transfer power to the SRAM drivetrain. Shop flat pedals here.


Thrust Bearing on MTB Coil Shock


The devil’s in the details and here’s a good one… Chat with our team about your next dream bike or dialing in your current rig!


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Custom Yeti SB140

Custom Yeti SB140 Build by

Custom Yeti SB140

Enjoy a few pics of this custom Yeti SB140 build by

The Yeti SB140 fits in the mid travel 27.5″ wheel trail to light enduro category well. Designed as a poppy, flickable bike Yeti’s Switch Infinity gives the bike just the right amount of pop when pumping the trails.

This build is a size small and you see details that benefit a smaller / lighter rider.

First is the standard 27.5″ front wheel. While a mullet concept could be on the table for some smaller riders, this client prefers the quicker handling of the 27.5″ front.

You’ll also notice the 31.85mm RaceFace Next handlebars. Lighter riders can utilize the extra damping from the smaller diameter bar and stem to minimize hand pump and fatigue. This is doubly important for small and light riders since as we trim bars shorter to fit shoulder width we decrease the leverage. With less length and thus less leverage the bar becomes stiffer.


Custom Yeti SB140 RaceFace Cockpit


Chris King dropset headset in matte mango and a One-Up EDC orange top cap highlight the front end of the bike.

This build is slowed by Magura MT5 brakes with HC levers. This is an incredibly popular option for riders who are looking for the ultimate performance on a budget. Magura MT5 brakes provide excellent modulation and power while saving some dollars to put other places on your build!


Magura MT5 with HC Levers


Who Stops You?

The HC lever features a 1 finger shape with hooked blade for better finger retention in the rough stuff. Adjustable reach is controlled with the easily labeled allen set screw shown above.

If you’ve bounced around you’ve seen a variety of posts about how positive our experiences are individually riding Magura MT5 and MT7 brakes. New to Magura? Chat with our team about the details on dialing in the right modulation, power and leverage.


NOX Farlow Rims


One of the favorite carbon rims: NOX Farlow. NOX Farlow rims have a 29mm internal width which pairs well with 2.3 to 2.6″ tire options.

Hard on rims? Consider adding CushCore rim protection to your build. CushCore offers the PRO and XC option in pairs or singles.

These Chris King / NOX Farlow wheels were hand built by our team with DT Swiss spokes. Lighter riders often benefit from mixing spokes for added wheel compliance and better small bump performance.

On another note – I love the bleed valves on the 2021 FOX 36 forks. Great to burp the gas gulp or buildup to improve small bump compliance. Especially if you have substantial altitude changes.


Yeti SB140 Custom Complete

More Custom SB140 Details

The One-Up adjustable post allows smaller, well and taller riders as well, the ability to adjust post travel.

This bike parallels how many of us here at spec our own bikes. Magura MT5 brakes and SRAM GX drivetrain provide great performance without breaking the bank. That budget is reallocated to FOX Factory suspension and top tier hand-built wheels.

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension front and rear will help this lighter rider get the best small bump compliance as well as shifting the compression controls into usable ranges. Think of Pro Tunes as narrowing and shifting the performance band depending on rider size, speed, aggression and terrain. By narrowing the performance window each click of rebound and compression is closer together making a more usable range of adjustments.

Custom Builds, Personalized Setup & Tunes

At we provide access to the best setup, spec and tunes in MTB. The attention to detail whether you’re shopping a complete custom, factory build with upgrades, stock bike or simply a frame swap is unmatched.

Our team is able to help riders define what components will give their specific riding the most bang for the buck.

In the market? Call, email or chat in today!

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Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

Custom Yeti SB150 build with orange fork & highlights

Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

At BikeCo we build dream bikes on a regular basis. Sometimes a dream bike is a factory build with a couple upgrades like Magura brakes, maybe some color flare. Other times, well, we build over the top dream bikes like this Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange banger.

The attention to detail on this bike is second to none. Our team worked with the client to ensure the best green and orange components highlighted this build.

Continue reading Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

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Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Custom Build

Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon. Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride

Enjoy some photos of this custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride build. This bike features an awesome combination of limited edition color offerings so the client will remember 2020 forever! (hahaha…)

The Yeti SB130 is available in a standard or Lunch Ride configuration. The Lunch Ride SB130 features a longer travel rear shock as well as a 160mm fork instead of the 150mm stock offering. Continue reading Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon

MTB Frames Category


Ibis & Yeti Frames

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your bike with an MTB frame swap or researching the heart of your next custom build has the very best in 27.5″, 29″ and Mullet options for your review.

Frames from industry leaders Ibis and Yeti provide excellent performance, a wide tuning range and great customer support.

From endurance cross country to full EWS trail slayers there is a bike for nearly every rider in our lineup.

Learn more about the Ibis and Yeti frames in our frame overview tabs below or click for an interactive geometry comparison below!

Looking for quick details on the best Ibis and Yeti MTB frames? Click on the tabs for a model overview.

Ibis Frame Details

Ibis Ripmo

The Ibis Ripmo’s second evolution takes the bike to another level in both pedaling efficiency as well as downhill capacity.  The DW Suspension ratios were modified to allow riders to choose between air and coil shock options.

Most riders will gravitate to the FOX Float X2 air shock. With it’s high and low speed rebound as well as high and low speed compression the X2 can be tuned to be lively under power while keeping a confident personality in burlier terrain.

29″ Wheels
147mm Rear Travel
160mm or 170mm Fork Options
64.9 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Ibis Ripley

The current Ibis Ripley maintains the poppy, fun personality riders came to expect from the trail / light enduro 29er with a notable improvement: increased lateral stiffness.

By increasing the Ripley’s lateral stiffness Ibis built a trail bike capable of attacking light enduro terrain even for heavier riders, which may have felt the previous frame was just a bit light when heavier riders cornered hard.

The Ripley is capable of carrying up to 2.6″ tires providing the ability to “tire up” or “tire down” depending on your riding.

29″ Wheels
120mm Rear Travel
130mm or 140mm Fork Options
66.5 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Ibis Mojo

The “Modern Trailbike” is a pretty wide ranging term? Well, modern trailbikes do have to excel in more areas than ever. Does a trailbike mean all day adventure rides? After work rips with your friends? Being able to lean into your favorite chunky trail? Yes, of course.

The Mojo is designed to have a nimble and fast accelerating personality capable of hanging in bigger terrain than you might think a 130mm rear travel 27.5 would be confident in.  Pairing the forgiving nature of DW Suspension’s deep travel with the cutting edge geometry Ibis is known for the Mojo does just what the designers set out to build: it’s a fun bike to ride, in a wide range of terrain at a wide range of ground speeds. Sounds simple right? But it’s a hard goal to hit.

Riders looking for even more out of their Ibis Mojo should investigate a Mullet or 29″ front wheel option. The larger wheel radius increases the Mojo’s roll-over capacity allowing it to more easily cross burly terrain. A longer fore to aft contact patch on a 29 wheel provides increased braking and cornering traction as well. Chat with us about 29″ fork travel options on a Mullet Ibis Mojo!

27.5″ Wheels Stock, Mullet Capable
130mm Rear Travel
Stock with 140mm 27.5″ Fork
65.4 degree Head Tube Angle
7 Year Frame Warranty

Yeti Frame Details

Yeti SB115

Well, whether you’re looking for an all day adventure bike, an aggressive XC bike or the new down-country term has you salivating the Yeti SB115 should be on your short list for review.
Thinking about a bit more fork on your SB115? Chat with our team about the best options available as well as how a 140mm fork will modify the bike’s overall personality.

29″ Wheels
115mm Rear Travel
130mm Fork Stock
67.6 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB130

The SB130 is one of the most popular bikes on the market as it confidently tackles an incredible range or riding.
All day trail adventures to Park Days this bike will get you there. Available in the stock configuration 130mm rear travel paired with 150mm fork travel or the Lunch Ride setup featuring 137mm rear travel with 160mm fork travel.

29″ Wheels
130mm Rear Travel or 137mm Lunch Ride
150mm Fork Stock or 160mm Lunch Ride
65.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB140

Modern trailbikes have to be good. Actually they need to be more than just good, they need to be versatile. The Yeti SB140 has those traits nailed.
The modern geometry and dampers allow smaller, more nimble bikes to confidently rip into bigger terrain. The Yeti SB140 offers riders a bike with lively performance at a wide range of ground speeds. Looking for a little more? Chat with our team about SB140 Mullet options to get a bit more front end cornering, braking and roll over.

27.5″ Wheels (or 29″ front Mullet Option)
140mm Rear Travel
160mm Fork Stock or 150mm/140mm Mullet Options
65 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB150

Ready to go fast? 29″ wheels have the momentum and roll over angle to maintain big speed. The Yeti SB150 frame gives you control of those big rollers in the burliest terrain. Designed with steep, frankly brutal, EWS courses in mind the Yeti SB150 is truly race-bred. A bit taller bottom bracket than the SB130 gives it some added “bash-ability” while pedaling amazingly well for a bike as capable in the huge stuff as the SB150.

29″ Wheels
150mm Rear Travel
170mm Fork
64.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Yeti SB165

The Yeti SB165 takes “more is better” to another level. With the most rear travel in the Yeti lineup this bike is capable of smashing down the biggest lines. But it’s not a one trick pony.
A 29″ front wheel Mullet option gives the bike additional cornering and braking traction. De-traveling the Mullet allows the bike to maintain its’ designed personality by staying close to the axle to crown and headtube angle.
Want to go the other direction? The SB165 is approved for triple crown forks – so spec that park destroyer now!

27.5″ Wheels (or 29″ front wheel Mullet option)
165mm Rear Travel
180mm Fork (170mm or 160mm Mullet option)
63.5 degree Head Tube Angle
Lifetime Frame Warranty

Current Marketplace Details:

Yeti Completes and Frames are not currently available for purchase online and will be listed as out of stock or back-ordered. However, we invite you to contact our team for in-stock updates, bike availability, ETAs and order details!

Aluminum Ibis Frames, the Ripmo AF and Ripley AF are currently not shown as they’ve been allocated almost exclusively for complete builds. If you’re interested in an AF frame contact our team and we’re happy to see what we can do for you!

We have in-bound orders with stock available with delivery etas well ahead of “placed now” orders – again, we invite you to contact our team for availability and ETAs.

Compare Frame Geo with BikeCo’s Interactive Graphic Overlay below

Want to compare the Reach, Stack, Headtube Angle, Wheelbase of your favorite Ibis and Yeti frames?
Click on the Compare Frame Geometry tab for an interactive Geometry Comparison allowing you to overlay different models and sizes to help find the perfect fit.

Interactive Geometry Comparison

Bottom bracket height, chainstay, reach, stack, headtube angle, fork offset as well as wheelbase have been illustrated per manufacturer websites. Seatpost and headtube heights are relatively accurate for vertical dimension. Exact frame shape, etc produced with artistic license.

Images are centered horizontally by the bottom bracket. Axle heights are static representing the same wheel / tire sizing. Bottom bracket heights from ground per manufacturer dimension. Chainstay length is measured from the bottom bracket center. Wheelbase is illustrated from rear axle forward.

If you have any questions on sizing or frame comparison contact our expert sales staff today!

Ibis frames feature DW Suspension designs.

Yeti offers the unique Switch Infinity platform.

All of these bikes are designed to provide unbeatable trail personality without compromising pedaling efficiency.

Each of these suspension designs produces a different riding personality. Questions on which is right for you? No problem. Our team is here to help.

Contact our sales team and review your riding specifics and aspirations based on how they will pair with the ideal MTB frame.

BikeCo also offers services you won’t find anywhere else. Each new bike or frame goes through our Frame Prep service for ultimate performance and longevity.

We also offer Pro Tune rear suspension on FOX shocks which personalize the performance band based on your riding specifics.

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension isn’t just for racers. In fact, many novice riders find instant improvements when the suspension’s performance window is dialed in for them.

This means that each click of adjustment is more precise for you for improved setup. No longer will one click create knife-edge performance. Pro Tune Suspension improved small bump compliance, support and heat resistance.

Our team will work with you to understand your riding and produce a personalized tune. You will receive a setup sheet which gives you a great point of reference to return to if you get in the weeds playing with the dials (it happens to the best of us).

Probably the biggest benefit of the Pro Tune Suspension is the after sales attention from our team to help you understand and dial in air pressure, compression, rebound as well as volume spacing.

BikeCo's Joe Binatena Pro Tunes a Fox DPX2 Rear Shock

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Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

Yeti SB130 Custom Build by BikeCo

Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

Enjoy some pictures of this custom Yeti SB130 by

One of the best things about the Yeti SB130 is the wide range of terrain that it’s at home in. This leads to a wide variety of builds that are all absolute bangers.

This build is highlighted with the best in MTB from tip to tail.

Continue reading Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE

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Yeti SB165 Extended Review

12 22 19 Yeti SB165 Extended Review

Yeti SB165 Extended Review

BikeCo’s own Chris Fuller has happily owned a Yeti SB165 since their launch. I sat down with him to discuss the magic he’s found in a Yeti SB165 Extended Review.

 So we got the SB165 demos in and you took one out on trail and had to have it?

Ah, no. In fact the SB165 is the first bike I’ve purchased without a trail demo now that I think about it. I saw Yeti’s pre-release teasers on the bike and something about it caught my eye. BikeCo landed the bikes I ripped one around in the parking lot. And I was just blown away. It was absolutely insanely good. My expectations were on “big bike” feel – but this bike doesn’t feel “big”, it doesn’t feel like a park bike or anything. It accelerates. It changes direction. And the thing that’s really hardest to believe but true, the bike has great ‘pop’. It’s a coil bike that pops like an air bike. It feels so lively and that blew me away. Had to have one. Continue reading Yeti SB165 Extended Review