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Welcome to BikeCo.com – Since 1999 we’ve provided riders the ultimate in spec, setup, tune, pricing as well as after sales service in MTB.

We invite you to review the best components, from the best brands as well as unique BikeCo content and proprietary services.

We work to put out useful, educational content to help MTB riders better understand, service and setup their bikes. Watch one of our latest videos below illustrating the basics of MTB Suspension Setup showing how Air Spring, Volume Spacers, Compression and Rebound work together to dial in your setup.

Yeti SB140 Custom Build in Inferno

Shopping for an SB115, SB130, SB140, SB150 or SB165?
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BikeCo offers a variety of services your average MTB shop doesn’t.

Frame Prep, Pro Tune Suspension as well as Purpose Built Wheels are three examples of expertise that sets us apart.

Read about Frame Prep Services which improve ride quality, bike longevity while producing a quieter bike.

Learn more about BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension personalizing the tune on Fox forks and shocks for better small bump compliance and support.

Improve traction and performance with custom built and tuned wheels. Take a look at Purpose Built Wheels.

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