Ibis Ripmo AF Frame

Aggressive trail and Enduro ready the Ibis Ripmo AF Frame features 147mm of travel with aluminum front and rear triangles.

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Limited Time Frame and Fork Package Pricing!

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Ibis Ripmo AF Frame & Fork Combo
MSRP $2,998 – Sale $2,128.25

The Ibis Ripmo AF frame is available in four sizes:
Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

and pick from 2 colors:
EnduroCell Black or Bruce Banner Green.

Ibis Ripmo Frame $2,199 – Sale $1,649.25

Ibis Ripmo Frame in Charcoal Grill and Dank Avocado

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Review Ibis Ripmo AF Frame specs below. Learn about frame details as well as discover common add-ons for home builders.

Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Details

Ripmo AF Headset Spec
Upper ZS44 – Zero Stack, Press Fit
Lower ZS56 – Zero Stack, Press Fit
Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Headtube Detail

Ripmo AF Headset Details

The Ripmo AF frame uses a ZS44 upper and ZS56 lower press fit headset.

Since a quality headset press makes installation much easier many home builders will have BikeCo press a the headset prior to shipment.

Upgrades for the Ripmo AF headst spec are the Cane Creek 110 or Chris King headsets. With proper service these should last the lifetime of your Ripmo AF.

Can I Use an Angleset Headset? There would be extremely few conditions that we would use an angleset. Riders looking for a slacker, more aggressive Ripmo AF are better suited increasing the fork travel to 170mm. This keeps the steer tube concentric in the headset. Additionally a longer fork will slacken the headtube and slightly increase the bottom bracket – both great for riding bigger, burlier terrain. Slackening the bike, with an angleset and 160mm fork will actually lower the BB and stack – counter intuitive to the goals of a slacker headtube.

Questions? Work with our team on your Ripmo AF build today.

Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Shock Detail
Ripmo AF Suspension Spec
Shock Marzocchi Bomber Air, 210x55mm. Included with Frame.
Fork Stock spec 160mm. 170mm option.

Ripmo AF Frame Suspension Details

A Marzocchi Bomber Air shock is spec’d on the Ripmo AF. The Bomber Air allows a wide range of tuning. This means the shock can accommodate nearly all rider sizes.

You canĀ  learn more about the Ripmo AF’s Marzocchi Suspension using the link below (opens in new tab):

Ripmo AF Suspension Details

Ripmo AF Seatube Spec
Seatube Diameter 31.6mm
Maximum Seatpost Insertion Small 195mm, Medium 210mm, Large 250mm, X-Large 250mm
Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Seattube Detail

Ripmo AF Seattube Details

The Ibis Ripmo AF requires a 31.6mm diameter seatpost.

Do not force a seatpost past the maximum insertion depth. Seattube failure may occur.

Work with our team if you have sizing questions on your Ripmo AF build!

Ibis Ripmo AF Frame bottom bracket Detail
Ripmo AF Drivetrain Spec
Bottom Bracket Threaded 73mm BSA
Chain Guide Mount Removable ISCG 05 Tab (not pictured)
Chainline 52mm
Q-Factor 168mm

Ripmo AF Frame Bottom Bracket & Chainline Details

The Ripmo AF Frame utilizes a threaded bottom bracket, 73mm BSA. Exact bottom bracket will be determined by your crank selection. Depending on the crank’s spindle diameter there are a variety of bottom brackets available.

Many home-builders have us install the bottom bracket prior to shipping the frame.

Chris King is a popular bottom bracket for Ibis bikes. A range of adapters allows both SRAM and Shimano specs to be used.

Ibis Ripmo AF Chainline

Unlike the Carbon Ripmo the alloy Ripmo AF utilizes a 52mm chainline as well as a 168mm Q Factor.

Wondering if you have the right cranks for the project? Chat with our team, or even better – order your cranks through BikeCo and we will ensure you get the right setup for the new chainline standard.

Ripmo V2S Frame Details
Brake Mount 160mm Post Mount – 203mm max rotor with adapter
Rear Axle Boost 148mm
Ibis Ripmo AF Frame Axle and brake Detail

Rear Brake and Axle Details

The Ripmo AF has a 160mm post mount rear brake capable of fitting a 203mm max with an adapter.

Hub spacing is 148mm Boost.

Other Ibis Ripmo AF Builds

Want to compare Ripmo AF Builds? Check out a comparison of the available Ibis kits here.

Ibis Ripmo AF competes are available in a Deore, GX, as well as SLX builds. Use the links to learn more about each build as well as shop in-stock and available Ripmo AF bikes.

Ibis AF Ripmo Geometry

Learn more about the Ibis Ripmo AF Frame geometry on the tabs below.

Ibis Ripmo AF Geo

Use these tabs to review and compare the Ripmo AF geo to other enduro bikes from Ibis, Mondraker, Nukeproof and Yeti.

The Ripmo AF is offered in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. Riders from 5′ to 6′ 5″ are accommodated with fairly standard cockpit setups.

Shared dimensions include the stock 160mm fork producing a 64.9 degree headtube angle with a 341mm bottom bracket and 435mm chainstay length. Riders looking for a little more may gravitate to the 170mm fork option for a slightly slacker headtube and increased trail measurement.

Fit is determined with rider height as well as leg and arm length. Riders with notably longer or short legs may up or down size. If you find yourself between sizes chat with our team about fit details. This is particularly important for riders between Small and Medium or Large and X-Large as some of the geo changes are more notable than between the Medium and Large Ripmo AF bikes.

Questions on sizing? Get in touch with our team and we are happy to go over your details to ensure we get you on the right size bike. We can help you define which size will give you a more confident fit and feel for your riding terrain and style.

Ibis Ripmo AF Geometry Chart
Small Medium Large X-Large
Reach 431mm 458mm 475mm 495mm
Stack 613mm 620mm 629mm 642mm
Head Tube Angle 64.9 deg 64.9 deg 64.9 deg 64.9 deg
Wheelbase 1185mm 1216mm 1237mm 1262mm
Effective Top Tube 573mm 603mm 632mm 655mm
Seat Tube Length 14.5 in 15 in 17 in 19 in
Effective Seat Tube Angle 77 deg 76 deg 76 deg 76 deg
Saddle Height at Saddle Offset 650mm 700mm 750mm 810mm
Head Tube Length 90mm 100mm 110mm 120mm
Bottom Bracket Height 341mm 341mm 341mm 341mm
Stand Over Height 705mm 750mm 750mm 760mm
Fork Travel 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm
Trail 125mm 125mm 125mm 125mm

Compare the Ibis Ripmo AF geo with other sizes as well as models from class leaders like Mondraker, Nukeproof and Yeti!

Enduro MTB Geo Comparison

Ripmo AF Frame Complete Part Numbers
Ripmo AF Frame Complete Part Numbers MPN UPC
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, X-Large in Dank Avacado RMA4OL0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, X-Large in Charcoal Grill RMA4BK0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Large in Dank Avacado RMA3OL0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Large in Charcoal Grill RMA3BK0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Medium in Dank Avacado RMA2OL0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Medium in Charcoal Grill RMA2BK0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Small in Dank Avacado RMA1OL0000000 840345301154
Ripmo AF Frame Complete, Small in Charcoal Grill RMA1BK0000000 840345301154

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