The contact points on your bike are critical. The right MTB grips provide a comfortable and confident interface between you and your bike.

We offer grips from industry leaders like Ergon, ODI, PNW, Deity and more. You can compare grip detail images as well as 360 degree views below!

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More about MTB Grips

The right MTB grips improve your riding by minimizing hand fatigue and arm pump while increasing your control. The wrong grips? Well, pain, numbness, hot-spots – none of which say “let’s keep riding”…

We’ve curated a selection of the best models from class leading MTB manufacturers. Each of the grips we offer provides a range of riders a comfortable, confident fit and feel.

The latest updates in grips improve rubber composition for a tackier feel as well as damping properties to help absorb the small and big bumps.

You’ll notice we don’t have a lot of really “chunky” grips on offer. Or foam grips. Or motion grips (we do have some clients who like them, if you’re intrigued chat with our team). Large increases too the rubber diameter, having pillow soft material, etc creates increased roll on the grip which tends to lead to hand fatigue and arm pump.

For the majority of riders motion, or rotating grips, create a numb and somewhat unnatural feel in aggressive direction changes or challenging burly terrain. These grips are often used for riders who “death grip” the bike in all conditions and give try to improve the small bump compliance. As you progress as a rider its likely you’ll be more comfortable with a lighter grip in most terrain, but when you grab that grip you’ll want an instant, direct input.

Below we’ll compare some of our favorite MTB grip designs

Ergon GE1 Evo & GE1 Evo Factory

The most popular grip at for a range of reasons.

Ergon put a lot of effort into their rubber design and you’ll see the differences between your palm placement, fingertips and thumb. In fact these grips are designed with a slight flare at the end of the grip for improved contact when riding in aggressive “elbow’s out” positions.

Other Ergon Features:

Ergon Regular & Slim Grips

Ergon grips are available in a 32mm diameter “Regular” as well as a 30mm diameter “Slim” option.

Ergon Factory Rubber

The GE1 Evo Factory grips utilize a more sticky rubber designed with damping properties particularly to minimize rebound which can lead to hand fatigue.

Shop the Ergon Grips Here

ODI Elite Pro & Elite Flow

Who has been in MTB for any length of time and hasn’t run the ODI Ruffian? Well working with pro racers and product developers ODI took the Ruffian diamond pattern and gave it some notable improvements in the ODI Elite Pro and ODI Elite Flow.

One of the new features you can’t see is the Offset Ergonomic Padding. ODI has added rubber onto the palm region of these grips to improve it’s performance minimizing hand fatigue without feeling bulky. Attention has been paid to the rubber as well giving it improved shock absorption to help with small and big bump compliance.

ODI Elite Pro

The ODI Elite Pro features the classic diamond grip with three notable additions.

First the palm has traction squares giving it additional compression while resisting rotational forces.

The fingertips feature a waffle pattern over the diamond grid to for a distinct feel and to help with bite.

Third, the grip has a slightly raised inner section on the palm section.

ODI Elite Flow

The ODI Elite Flow also features the classic diamond grip with a waffle pattern over the diamond grid to for a distinct fingertip feel.

These grips also feature the offset grip with additional rubber on the palm section of the grip.

You can shop our favorite ODI grips here.

ODI grips have a slightly flared outer end. For some riders the confidence of this tactile “end of the road” on the handlebar is a must have. Others riders who like to hang the outside section of their hand off the end of the grip may find it uncomfortable in which case there are other options with similar design features.

Other Popular MTB Grips to Consider

Other popular grips at The Bike Company include the PNW “The Loam Grip” as well as the Deity lineup. You can review some of their models shapes and 360 views below!

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