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The personality of your bike is heavily influenced by your choice of MTB brakes.

Finding the right balance of power and modulation is critical to fine tune your setup. We carry the best brakes in MTB. Proven performance. Great service life. A variety of modulation and snap (or power) offerings.

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Modulation is defined as how power is applied. Brakes with excellent modulation like Magura and Hope apply power consistent with lever pull.

Snap (or power) is how much stopping force the brakes have. Brakes like Shimano and Magura offer similar, class leading, levels of total power. How the power comes on (or modulates) is quite different.

Shimano brakes bring power on quite quickly. This is in part due to the short lever found on the Shimano brake lineup which reduces leverage and throw. Riders who are greatly effective with Shimano brakes almost “abs” their brakes with quick finger movements. Some Shimano riders gravitate to smaller rotors to provide a bit more modulation.

Magura Brakes

Magura brakes tend to bring power on more subtly. This allows riders to set a bike’s attitude during cornering, etc. With the level of modulation Magura brakes are known for riders often can ride larger rotors for maximum power without creating “jumpy” setups.

4 piston and 2 piston options provide even more control of setup. With a minimal weight difference more and more riders lean towards 4 piston brakes for the additional power and heat capacity. 4 piston MTB brakes allow riders to look at smaller rotors for improved modulation without sacrificing power or heat capacity.

HOPE Brakes

We offer hope brakes in standard colors as well as custom configurations. With current production and shipping windows, even on stock colors, most Hope E4 and V4 buyers are opting for custom configurations for a unique look. Use our builder and contact our team. Your custom brakes will likely be a similar window to the stock colors!

Questions? No problem our team is here to help. Chat with one of our sales team to help define which brakes are best for your riding style and specifics.

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