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Yeti SB160 T4 XX Transmission

This custom built Yeti SB160 T4 XX Transmission is a sight to behold.  Kitted with TRP DH-R EVO M846 Brakes, OneUP carbon bars, industry 9 A35 Stem, NOX Farlow 29" rims, and Industry 9 Hydra Hubs. The attention to detail and high-quality components make this SB160 a true work of art.  Whether you're a serious [...]

Custom USC themed Ripmo

Enjoy some build pics of this Custom USC themed Ripmo built by the Pros at The Bike Company.  This Ripmo V2S is kitted out with Magura MT7 brakes, Full SRAM XX Eagle Transmission, Industry Nine EN350 29" Wheelset  with Gold Hubs and Red Spokes. The custom decals on this Ripmo V2S features the iconic USC [...]

Brian Lopes Ibis HD6

New Bike Day is a blast, even if you're a MTB Legend... Check out BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes Ibis HD6 custom built by the Pros at The Bike Company. With highlights from DVO, Shimano, Renthal and more. The all-new Ibis HD6 is a factory designed Mullet with a 29" front wheel and 27.5 rear.  [...]

Ibis Oso with X0 Transmission AXS Custom Build

Check out some pictures of this banger custom eMTB. Ibis Oso with X0 Transmission AXS drivetrain, Magura brakes, Handbuilt King/Nox wheels and more. Built by the team here at Magura MT7 with HC3 levers paired to 223mm Galfer Shark rotors provide the stopping power. The HC3 lever is adjustable which allows for riders to [...]

Custom Yeti ARC Hardtail

Enjoy some detail photos of this custom Yeti ARC Hardtail build by This Yeti ARC highlights the trail capacity of the hardtail ARC maintaining a nimble feel with instant torque utilizing a single speed drivetrain coupled to the instant engagement Onyx Vesper hubs tied to NOX Composite Farmlow carbon rims. Our team takes great [...]

Custom Nukeproof Giga 290 Build with SRAM X0 Transmission

Enjoy some detail shots of a banging custom Nukeproof Giga 290 Build featuring the new SRAM X0 Transmission drivetrain. SRAM Transmission X0 Groupset 175, 170, 165mm $1,599.00 PreOrder this Kit Today!Select options The new SRAM Transmission drivetrain is the strongest and longest lasting design on the market. When we were spec'ing this Nukeproof Giga Custom [...]

Ibis OSO eMTB: 155mm DW Rear Travel with 170mm Fork

Ibis launched their long awaited entry into the eMTB realm with the Ibis Oso! With 155mm of Dave Weagle rear suspension paired to a 170mm fork and powered by the powerful Bosch Performance CX motor this is a bike that lives up to its marketing of #DownhillBothWays Enjoy some detail shots and descriptions of some [...]

Extra FOXY Mondraker FOXY Carbon…

Well, there's good and then there's great I suppose right? For me as a bigger rider I was pushing the stock FOXY suspension outside of it's performance window - so it was time to make an extra FOXy Mondraker FOXY! Is this a total indictment of the Ohlins? By no means - but - wanting [...]

Custom Mondraker RAZE Carbon Build

Enjoy some pics of this banging Custom Mondraker RAZE Carbon Complete. The RAZE is a 130mm travel frame and pairs with 150mm or 160mm fork options depending on your terrain and geometry preference. The 150mm stock setup gives the RAZE a quick handling feel comfortable in a wide range of terrain and into the enduro [...]

2022 Mondraker FOXY Carbon RR with Upgrades

Even after being in the industry for a long time, #newbikeday is still fun... Enjoy some detail shots of my personal bike a 2022 Mondraker FOXY Carbon RR with some spec changes. Read on for more info on why these spec changes were, or in some cases weren't on my list. 2022 Mondraker FOXY Carbon [...]

2022 Mondraker RAZE Carbon RR Complete

How mean are these lines?! The 2022 Mondraker RAZE Carbon RR design balances weight and strength while taking advantage of carbon's unique properties to give it compliance where it needs it and stiffness where required. Oh, and it looks like it's tearing down trail while just standing still... The Raze features 130mm of rear travel [...]

Ibis Ripmo XT Build with Upgrades

Enjoy some shots of this Ibis Ripmo with updates. BikeCo has you covered across the board with the best in MTB from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti. Shimano and Magura brakes are the go-to for a vast majority of riders. Shimano have a bit more "instant" bite while the Magura offers more modulation. Don't know what's [...]

2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR with Upgrades!

With the post-pandemic marketplace shifting a bit we're seeing clients that would tend to go full custom now picking and choosing based on availability and then updating spec to their favorite bits. This 2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR with upgrades is a great example of that. Typically there are two ways that riders utilize to [...]

2022 Mondraker FOXY Carbon RR

BikeCo is excited to partner with ZeitBike USA, the US Mondraker distributor to bring the top tier of the Spanish MTB and eMTB lineup to the US. Check out some details on the 2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR in the video and images below! Like all of the brands we carry, as a US Mondraker [...]

Yeti SB130 with X2

Enjoy a few shots of this recent SB130 build by The Yeti SB130 with X2 shock is a popular setup and not just for riders pushing the limits of the Trail / Enduro capacity of the 137mm travel Lunch Ride. The Float X2 offers riders control over both high and low speed rebound settings [...]

Custom Ibis Ripley with Float X

Adding some Enduro punch to the Ibis Ripley. Couple mods worth noting on this Ripley build: the rear shock has been swapped to the FOX Float X giving the bike a bit more rear damper heat capacity as well as some additional compression tuning options. The front of this bike features FOX 36 with travel [...]

Custom Mondraker RAZE Build…

Daydreaming about how I'd build up a Mondraker RAZE for myself... provides riders access to spec swaps to dial in personality, performance and look. So what on my photoshopped dream custom Mondraker RAZE is fashion and what is function? FUNCTION First Both on this blog and in my build goals I put Function First... [...]

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride – All You Can Eat!

So, the 160mm fork and extended travel rear shock, about 137mm of total travel, on the SB130 make it a lunch ride. But what happens when you take that Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride suspension to the next level with a FOX 38 and FOX Float X2? Well its ready for the all day, sit in [...]

Mullet Yeti SB140 Build

Enjoy a few shots of this Mullet Yeti SB140 build before it heads to it's new home. The "mullet" configuration, somewhat ironically given the hairstyle, features a larger front wheel. With Yeti Mullet's that means a 29" front on the 27.5" frames like the SB140 or SB165. Increasing the front wheel's diameter produces some notable [...]

Yeti SB130 TLR T2 AXS with Upgrades

Enjoy some detail shots of this Yeti SB130 TLR T2 AXS build with upgrades! This bike shows how a few well placed swaps can really steer your bike's look. Maxxis Minion Skinwall Tires provide a great accent to the Yeti SB130 Brick colorway. Magura MT7 brakes with HC3 levers allow maximum adjustability for fit, leverage [...]

Ibis Ripmo with RideFast LocoMoto Rims

Enjoy some shots of this Ibis Ripmo with RideFast LocoMoto rims laced to Industry Nine hubs. This build started with the Ibis XT Complete. The XT Ibis build features the 1x12 HyperGlide + drivetrain as well as Shimano's most popular 4 piston XT brakes. From there our team worked with the client to understand their [...]

Mondraker SuperFoxy R Carbon 2021 Details

We're excited to introduce the Mondraker brand to our clients. Enjoy some detail shots of the 2021 Mondraker SuperFoxy R Carbon 29er. This is a 160mm travel frame with a 170mm fork setup. Keep reading for more details and photos. Mondraker SuperFoxy R Mondraker was ahead of the curve with the longer top tube [...]

Ibis Exie Frame Detail Photos

Enjoy some photos of the new Ibis Exie frame detail. The Ibis Exie is a cross country bike, but like it's Ibis siblings it'll be at home in gnarlier terrain than you'd picture 100mm being confident in. The Ibis Exie Frame is hand made in the U.S.A.  The attention to detail, like all Ibis mountain [...]

Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom with Enve, King, Magura & More Since it’s launch the Yeti SB130 has been a bike confident in all terrain. Trail rip after work? Fun bike. Big enduro adventure on the weekend? Ya, that’s what this bike lives for! This Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride custom features bits from all the […]

Custom Yeti SB140 Mullet with AXS, Hope, Onyx and more This Yeti SB140 Mullet has slightly less travel than Yeti’s mullet geometry. With a lower 29″ front end the SB140’s on trail performance is much closer to the balance expected in the 27.5″ configuration. Attention to detail, and a bit of Covid availability compromise are […]

Custom Ibis Ripmo: SRAM AXS, Chris King, Magura Enjoy some shots of this Ibis Ripmo before it heads to it’s new home. This Custom Ibis Ripmo features SRAM AXS, Chris King, Magura brakes and more. SRAM AXS technology has proven robust and reliable. We’ve put a lot of riders out on the XX1 and X01 […]

Peas & Carrots: Custom Mullet Yeti SB165

Enjoy some shots of this custom Mullet Yeti SB165 build by This Yeti Moss Green frame is set off with orange accents from Fox Suspension as well as CushCore valve stems. Park, big mountain and enduro riding are on the slate for this build. Contact points include Ergon GE1 Evo Factory Grips, Ergon SM […]

Custom Yeti SB165 Build Enjoy some pics of this out of control custom Yeti SB165 build. Every aspect of this build has been taking into consideration from tip to tail. Some of the build highlights include: ENVE M7 carbon cockpit and M730 rims. SRAM AXS Drivetrain. Cane Creek EEWings Titanium Cranks (Tie-Dye). Ergon grips and […]

Ibis HD5 Mullet

Ibis HD5 Mullet Well, like any great mystery there’s only one image of this one, but at least it’s not blurry… This Ibis HD5 Mullet was wrapped up late but we had to shoot it before it went to it’s new home. This bike features a slightly under-traveled fork to keep the mullet’s 29″ front […]

Custom Yeti SB140 Enjoy a few pics of this custom Yeti SB140 build by The Yeti SB140 fits in the mid travel 27.5″ wheel trail to light enduro category well. Designed as a poppy, flickable bike Yeti’s Switch Infinity gives the bike just the right amount of pop when pumping the trails. This build […]

Mullet Ibis HD5 Enjoy a couple photos of this Mullet Ibis HD5 before it heads to it’s new home. Mullet setups consist of a 29″ front fork and wheel with a 27.5″ rear wheel. Generally mullet bikes are based around 27.5″ frames to keep the bottom bracket from dropping as it would on a 29″ […]

Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange

Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange At BikeCo we build dream bikes on a regular basis. Sometimes a dream bike is a factory build with a couple upgrades like Magura brakes, maybe some color flare. Other times, well, we build over the top dream bikes like this Custom Yeti SB150 Verde & Orange banger. The […]

Lunch Ride Cocktail: Root Beer & Bourbon. Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Enjoy some photos of this custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride build. This bike features an awesome combination of limited edition color offerings so the client will remember 2020 forever! (hahaha…) The Yeti SB130 is available in a standard or Lunch Ride configuration. The […]

Custom Yeti SB130 NOX, King, ENVE Enjoy some pictures of this custom Yeti SB130 by One of the best things about the Yeti SB130 is the wide range of terrain that it’s at home in. This leads to a wide variety of builds that are all absolute bangers. This build is highlighted with the […]

Custom Yeti SB140 Build Enjoy some detail photos of this custom Yeti SB140 build by It’s the small details that make a big difference on this build. Make sure you take note of the oil slick brake hardware!

Ibis Ripmo V2 NX Complete Pics & Weight   Ibis Ripmo V2 NX Build The new Ibis Ripmo V2 features revised geometry including a slacker head tube angle. With the more linear DW Suspension the Ripmo can now be run with a coil shock as well. However, many clients will still enjoy the ultimate tuning […]

Custom Ibis Ripmo V2 Build Enjoy some photos of this custom Ibis Ripmo V2 build! The Ibis Ripmo V2 features updated geometry as well as a revised DW link suspension. This custom Ripmo V2 by is highlighted with some of the very best components in MTB. A variety of purple components by Industry Nine, […]

Custom Yeti SB140 Build Enjoy some photos of thie Custom Yeti SB140 build featuring Onyx Vesper hubs laced to Nox Farlow rims. This client wanted to build a bike that would look as good as it would ride. Using highlights of turquoise to set off the contrasting greys this bike is certainly a head turner. […]

Custom Ibis RipmoAF Build Enjoy some pictures of the latest custom Ibis RipmoAF Build from The RipmoAF is an aluminum frame with cutting edge DW suspension as well as Ibis’ proven geometry. Designed with enduro riding in mind the RipmoAF is confident in big terrain at speed. Not ready for that? Well this chassis […]

Ibis Ripley Custom with King Enjoy some photos of another Ibis Ripley Custom with King Components before it heads to it’s new home. This build features orange highlights from the leading manufacturers in MTB. Chris King, OneUp Components, Wolf Tooth, Race Face.

Custom Yeti SB165 Build Enjoy some detail shots of this custom Yeti SB165 build by! This SB165 build illustrates a nice balance between bling and budget.

Aluminum Ibis Ripmo AF Ibis Cycles aluminum Ripmo AF are going to get, and keep, more people riding MTB. Bold statement? Nah, I don’t feel out on a limb on this one at all. Ibis licenses one of the absolute best suspension designs. Creates confident bike geometries that perform in wide ranges of terrain and […]

XX1 AXS Ibis Ripmo Enjoy a couple shots of this banging XX1 AXS Ibis Ripmo build by BikeCo. When it’s time to build a dream bike work with the best. Whether your dream build is wireless SRAM AXS, Chris King on Enve like this one, or an NX or GX setup BikeCo has you covered.

Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride Enjoy some pics of the latest Custom Yeti SB130 Lunch Ride XX1 build by BikeCo. BikeCo offers the 55mm stroke shock as well as 160mm fork air shafts on any Yeti SB130 frame or complete.

Ibis Ripley XT Build with i9 Enduro 310C Wheels Enjoy a couple pictures of this Ibis Ripley XT Build with i9 Enduro 310C Wheels before it heads to its new home. The latest Ibis Ripley combines updates to geometry as well as carbon layup. Improving on the Ripley’s previous editions Ibis slackened the headtube and […]

Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS, King, Nox Enjoy some shots of this custom Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS with components from Chris King, Hope, Nox, Race Face and more. Sometimes a build just lays out PERFECT. In this case the 2020 Yeti SB150 Anthracite color pairs absolutely perfect with the Chris King as well as Hope silver […]

Custom Yeti SB150 – AXS, King, ENVE, Hope Enjoy some shots of this Custom Yeti SB150 before it goes to its new home. This build features SRAM XX1 AXS, Chris King, ENVE, Hope, the list goes on and on! All of the current Yeti models feature super sleek lines. This bike looks sharp and aggressive […]

Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS Build Enjoy some photos of this Yeti SB150 XX1 AXS Build. Looking at a frame swap, a factory complete, a semi-custom or a full custom build? is the shop you want to spec, build, tune and help you dial in after the sale. This Yeti SB150 features a Fox X2 […]

Custom Ibis Ripley Build Enjoy some shots of this custom Ibis Ripley Build. Sometimes I look at a build and think, ya – if I was building this frame it would come out like THAT bike. This custom Ibis Ripley build hits all the check marks!

Custom Ibis Ripmo – XX1, King, Nox Enjoy some pics of another banging Custom Ibis Ripmo before it heads home!

Brian Lopes New Ibis Ripley Check out some shots of BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes’ newest build – the fresh Ibis Ripley! Ibis’ latest edition of the Ripley stays true to the original’s 29″ wheels, fast acceleration, quick handling as well as a trail slaying personality.

Custom Yeti SB100: King / Nox Enjoy some shots of the latest custom Yeti SB100 from This build is designed for the ultimate trail bike / light enduro package. Whether on an all day adventure or a quick after work rip this SB100 is dialed in.

Brian Lopes Ibis Ripmo XTR 12sp Enjoy some shots of BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes Ibis Ripmo XTR 12sp setup.

Yeti SB130 with SRAM XX1 AXS Looking to go all in with your SB130? Check out this Yeti SB130 with SRAM XX1 AXS build by BikeCo! SRAM’s new AXS wireless shifting provides clean mounting with crisp shifting. And no cable stretch or barrel adjusters!

Ibis Ripmo with SRAM XX1 AXS Enjoy some shots of a banging build. This Ibis Ripmo features SRAM XX1 AXS, as well as Chris King, Nox Composites and more! SRAM’s AXS provides clean wireless mounting as well as crisp shifting and easy adjustments. Never could quite figure out the barrel adjuster? Well, no more barrel […]

Cody Kelley’s Alchemy Arktos 29 BikeCo is excited to start another year working with Alchemy Bicycles and Cody Kelley. This Arktos 29″ is headed to New Zealand for the first EWS round as well as Crankworx Rotorua! Keep an eye on Cody, Alchemy, TheBikeCompany and BikeCo owner Joe Binatena on Instagram and facebook for more […]

Ibis Mojo 3 with Chris King This Ibis Mojo 3 XT build is set off with Mango Chris King hubs, bottom bracket and headset. The Mojo 3 is an all day capable trail to light enduro 27.5″ chassis. This frame features 130mm of rear travel paired with a 140mm fork. With the 35mm internal rims […]

Custom Ibis Ripmo Complete – King / Enve Enjoy a few pics of this Custom Ibis Ripmo Complete by This no-holds-barred spec has industry leading components across the board. Custom Ibis Ripmo Complete Frame: Ibis Ripmo Tangerine Sky Ibis continues hitting the bright colors out of the park. As good as this frame looks […]

Custom Yeti SB130 – King / Nox! Enjoy some pics of this Custom Yeti SB130 that BikeCo recently sent home with it’s new owner. This build dials in performance from tip to tail. Like many of our favorite builds this custom Yeti SB130 has attention to Frame, Suspension, Wheels and then fills in the blanks […]

Custom Ibis Ripmo Build by BikeCo Enjoy a couple images of this custom Ibis Ripmo build by All the details are dialed on this on. Ripmo Tangerine Sky frame and Fox Factory X2 shock paired to the 36 Float Grip2 fork. Matte Mango Chris King headset. Renthal Fatbar Carbon bars with Apex stem. Magura […]

SB130 Custom Build by BikeCo So, a handful of things all came together and I decided it was time for a new bike. Hopefully you’ve seen the FIRST RIDE REVIEW on the SB130 as well as the EXTENDED RIDE REVIEW. It was all I could do not to simply buy that bike… But in the […]

Yeti SB150 Custom Build Enjoy a couple pictures of this Yeti SB150 Custom Build by Whether you’re in the market for a frame, factory complete or a complete custom spec banger BikeCo has you covered. The SB150 is Yeti’s no-holds-barred EWS machine. The 150mm rear travel is controlled with a Fox DHX2 coil shock […]

Custom Ibis Ripmo by Enjoy some shots of this custom Ibis Ripmo build by The heart of this build Ripmo’s frame. 145mm of DW Suspension with a Fox Factory X2 damper provide a competent, confident and fast chassis. Ibis continues to advance carbon fiber MTB technology with great flow of stress designs as […]

Brian Lopes Ibis Hakka MX Enjoy some detail shots of BikeCo Pro Rider Brian Lopes Ibis Hakka MX build. The Hakka MX is designed are a capable gravel, road, cross, and adventure platform. It’s confident geometry will feel familiar to MTB riders.

Ibis Hakka MX Build Shots Enjoy detail shots of an Ibis Hakka MX build from The Ibis Hakka MX is designed as a gravel bike. However Ibis’ progressive geometry creates a confident road riding platform familiar to mountain bike riders. Ibis’ attention to detail as well as impressive carbon technology provide a strong, stout […]

Yeti SB150 Frame Pics Enjoy the new long travel 29 Yeti SB150 Frame Pics. An absolute EWS trail crusher the SB150 Frame has 150mm of Switch Infinity rear suspension. Together with a 170mm fork this bike is just looking to get rowdy on your favorite big mountain adventure or park day.

Custom Ibis Ripmo Build by Enjoy some detail shots of the latest Custom Ibis Ripmo Build by 9/23/18 Update: this Ibis Ripmo by BikeCo is Vital’s Bike of the Day!

SB130 Build Pics Enjoy these SB130 build pics of our newest Yeti X01 Demo Bike.

Yeti SB130 Review, First Ride Oh. Man. Not every new bike really stops me, but seeing the Yeti SB130 in the stand did. Deciding I would need to quickly get a Yeti SB130 Review posted I commandeered the first ride. The first thing I noted about the SB130 was how long it looks. The low, […]

Ibis Ripmo GX Eagle Upgrades How strong is your GX build? Well, Ibis Ripmo GX Eagle Upgrades are available and this build took advantage of them! A common road map at build is Frame, Suspension, Wheels, Cockpit, and fill in the blanks based on budget. This prioritizes components that most effect a bike’s personality. It […]

Ibis Mojo 3 GX Complete with Upgrades The Ibis Mojo 3 is one of the best received mountain bikes on the market for a variety of reasons. 130mm of rear wheel travel paired with the capacity to run either 27.5″ or 27.5+ wheels give this bike an incredible range of setup options. Whether you’re riding […]