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Ibis Ripmo with RideFast LocoMoto Rims

Ibis Ripmo with RideFast Rims

Enjoy some shots of this Ibis Ripmo with RideFast LocoMoto rims laced to Industry Nine hubs.

This build started with the Ibis XT Complete. The XT Ibis build features the 1×12 HyperGlide + drivetrain as well as Shimano’s most popular 4 piston XT brakes.

From there our team worked with the client to understand their riding needs to dial in the spec.

Industry Nine Hubs on RideFast LocoMoto rims

Industry Nine Hubs on RideFast Rims

The industry Nine Hydra hubs provide riders quick engagement, a variety of awesome colorways and are Made in the USA.

RideFast LocoMoto rims are a cost conscious aluminum option with attention to detail across the design. In particular these LocoMoto rims feature a 30mm internal rim width, a popular width for a lot of riders.

Slightly narrower than the stock Ibis 35mm internal width rims the LocoMoto creates a bit more radius on the mounted tire’s shape.

RideFast LocoMoto rim with tire mounted

Rim Width: Cornering & Support

Wider rims benefit many riders providing increased volume which allows a lower PSI to support the same weight. This lower PSI allows more conformity in the tire which translates to increased grip.

The other side of the coin with wider rims is the effect on cornering lugs. The wider mounting surface slightly “squares off” the tire pulling the cornering lugs more vertical. This can compromise traction during high lean angle corners.

Narrower rims, and when we say “narrow” we mean the kind of 29-33 range these days, with the increased tire radius pull the cornering knobs outside of the sidewall shape. This allows riders to lean deep into corners without riding past the cornering knobs.

The lower volume of a narrower rim will require greater PSI for support. This can compromise traction if it takes so much pressure to keep you off the rims that the tire can’t conform and stick to the trail. This is where the wide range of sidewall support options helps dial in performance by the way.

CushCore: Support & Protection

An option to help keep your rims true and minimize snake bite tire cuts is to add CushCore rim protection to your setup.

CushCore protection is available in both PRO and XC. Many riders mix and match or run only one CushCore depending on their requirements.

You can shop rim protection options here or use the chat, email or call and our team will help dial you in.

Ibis Ripmo with RaceFace Stem and Bars

Other Popular Upgrades

Have other ideas for your dream build? Stoked! We can help you dial them in.

Popular upgrades include cockpits, like the 35mm RaceFace shown above, frame protection, and brakes.

Wondering about your dream bike’s availability? Check out what we have in-stock, in-production (soon to be available) and in-bound here.


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