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Use the inquiry form and our team will contact you with availability or similar options. carries the best MTB Helmets for a wide range of riding.

From trail or enduro to big mountain and park riding we have the best performing models from Bell, Giro and POC.

Helmets like the POC Tectal, Tectal Race Spin and Kordal Race MIPS; Bell’s Super DH, Super Air, Sixer and 4Forty; as well as the Giro Switchblade and SeveniDP Project 23 are available here in the best colors.

Bell, Giro, 7iXP& POC In Stock

The POC, Giro and Bell helmets listed are either currently available or on in-coming purchase orders. If you’re interested in a helmet that isn’t in stock give our team a call or email and we will set up an advance order for you!

Replacing your MTB Helmet

Since your mountain bike helmet is designed to “crush” to dissipate energy it is important to replace it after any crash that might have compromised the foam.

Foam also will degrade over time accelerated by UV light and sweat, two things you tend to find riding mountain bikes!

Many manufacturers are reticent with suggested service lifespans to avoid possible litigation. Personally, I replace my helmet yearly if it has not been in an impact.

Helmet Fit

It’s important to have the right size helmet.

Mountain bike helmets have adjustments to provide a snug fit to a range of sizes. Your helmet should ideally be able to go slightly larger and smaller than your head when adjusted with the dial.

Your helmet should be snug enough to stay in place providing adequate coverage and protection after the initial impact. A properly adjusted chin strap is important to keep a helmet in place during a crash as energy is dissipated.

MTB Helmets for Cycling

MTB helmets are becoming more and more popular across all ranges of cycling.

Since mountain bike helmets offer more robust protection than many standard road or cruiser helmets riders find they are more confident wearing an MTB helmet.

Quality MTB helmets have more coverage area as well as thicker foam protection in essential areas. Compared to a road or cruiser helmet the added protection comes with only minor sacrifices in weight or ventilation. Nearly all MTB helmets have removable visors for road riders looking to minimize wind resistance.

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