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BikeCo Service Rates Online Service Rates

The Bike Company offers a complete service lineup for MTB, Road, Hybrids and more. warranties all service for at least 30 days. Suspension rebuilds are warrantied for 90 days. BikeCo Frame Prep is warrantied for 1 year. Typically BikeCo matches manufacturer service warranty periods. Ask for more details as needed.

Questions on a recent service? No problem, give our team a buzz and they will dial you in.

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BikeCo Tune: $85

BikeCo Tune with Drivetrain Replacement (cassette, chain, rings): $140 Drivetrain Replacement (cassette, chain, ring, shifting adj): $80 Drivetrain Install (cassette, chain, ring, shifter, rear derailleur & shift adj): $95

Bike Builds

Pro Bike Build: $200-250
Box Bike Build: $100-150 (drivetrain, headset, brakes, etc typically installed in box)
Single Speed New or Used Build: By Quote
Multispeed Used Bike Build: By Quote

Pack for Shipping: $90.00

Frame Prep

1 year warranty
Standard Frame Prep: $70-90 *complimentary with frame or complete purchase
Ibis Ripley Anti-Squeak Bare Frame: $130
Ibis Ripley Anti-Squeak Assembled: $180

More details on BikeCo Frame Prep Here

Install Bearing Pro Pack: $100

Fork Services

90 day warranty
Partial Fork Service: $40 + Wipers and Foam Rings (if required)
Full Fork Service Level A: $125*
Full Fork Service Level B; $175

Fork Service Detail Options Here

*Fox fork pricing, part pricing may vary for other makes

Learn more about BikeCo Pro Tune Advantages Here

Fox Suspension BikeCo Pro Tune
FOX 32, 34 & 36 Fit4: $225 or $180 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
FOX RC2: $300 or $225 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
FOX 40: $350 or $270 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
Air Shaft Swap: $45
Install Fork: $25
Cut Steer Tube: $12
Install Star Nut: $7
Fork Bushing Install: $42 + parts
Suspension Setup: $40

Rear Suspension

90 day warranty
BikeCo Pro Tune (Fox Shocks): $190 or $160 if shock was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
Air Can Service (most shocks, exclusions apply): $54 + parts
Fox Float X2
Air Can Service: $110 + parts
Full Rebuild: $250
Oil Change: $95
2-Position Switch Install: $48
Rock Shox
Contact Us: Individual Quotes
Marzocchi / BikeCo Shock
Rebuild: $180
Damper Oil Change: $110
Install Rear Shock: $15

Bottom Bracket

BB Cups Install on Bare Frame: $12
Standard BB Adjust: $12
Standard Overhaul or Replace: $25


Install Cranks: $25
Install Chainrings: $15
Chainguide Install: $35+ by quote

Derailleur & Shifters

Front Derailleur/Shifter Adjust: $12
Front Derailleur/Shifter Overhaul or Replace: $18
Rear Derailleur/Shifter Adjust: $18
Rear Derailleur/Shifter Overhaul or Replace: $25
Align Rear Hanger: $7-30 $30 pre-auth required
Cable & Housing Install (per line): $20 + parts


Install Chain: $12
Freewheel Removal Clean / Re-install / Install: $10
Cassette Removal Clean / Re-install: $10

Brakes (per line)

Hydro Service: $24
Hydro Bleed w/ Caliper Service: $30
Bubble Bleed & Caliper Service w/ New Pad Install: $20
Hydro Rebuild (Hope): $60 + parts
Install: $30


Install / Uninstall: $30
Ream / Face: $40+


Chris King
Front Hub Service: $20
Rear Hub Service: $45
Hub Bearing Replacement Rear: $70
Standard Front Hub Adjustment: $12
Standard Front Hub Overhaul: $24
Rear Hub
Freewheel Adjustment: $17
Cassette Cartridge Bearing Overhaul: $36
Cassette Cartridge Bearing Adjustment: By Quote

Stem & Handlebars

Handlebar Grip Installation: $6
Install OneUp EDC: $25
Tape Bars: $27
Replace Standard Handlebars: $15
Replace or Install Stem with Faceplate: $15

Saddle & Seatpost

Rigid Seatpost / Saddle Adjust: $7
Rigid Seatpost / Saddle Replacement: $12
Dropper Seatpost Install: $25
Remove Frozen Seatpost: $20-50 $50 pre-auth required
Reverb Dropper Seatpost Rebuild: $130 + seals

Wheels (per wheel)

Simple True, Alloy: $30
Simple True, Carbon: $35
Ovaled or Off Truing: $30+
Alloy Wheel Build: $95 or $75 if parts are purchased from BikeCo
Carbon Wheel Build: $115 or $95 if parts are purchased from BikeCo
Install Spoke & True: $30 + parts

Tires & Tubes (per tire)

Install Tire: $12
Refresh Tubeless Fluid: $12
Install Cush Core: $20
UST Conversion: $30


Cartridge Bearing Adjustment: $12
Cartridge Bearing Replacement: $36 per pair
Adjustment: $12
Overhaul: $24.00
Replacement: $10
Install Cleats: $12


Mastic Tape Frame: $30
Creak Diagnosis / Stripped / Frozen Bolt Removal: $20-50 $50 pre-auth required


*Service Rates are subject to change. Every attempt is made to ensure pricing is accurate online. Last update: 11/10/20


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