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BikeCo Service Rates Online

The Bike Company Service Rates

The Bike Company offers a complete service lineup for MTB, eMTB, Road, Hybrids and some electric bicycles.
Bikes need to be dropped off at the shop to be scheduled for service.

The Bike Company
21098 Bake Parkway #112
Lake Forest, CA 92630

BikeCo Stands Behind Our Service!

Typically, BikeCo matches manufacturer service warranty periods. Ask for more details as needed. warranties All Service for at least 30 days.
Suspension Rebuilds warrantied for 90 days.
BikeCo Frame Prep is warrantied for 1 year.

Questions on a recent service?
No problem, give our team a buzz and they will dial you in.

Scroll through for more details and BikeCo Labor Rates.
*labor rates subject to change – page updated as often as possible

BikeCo Standard Labor Rates

Non-standard labor, parts, etc are not included in pricing below. If you have questions on specifics or “outside-the-box” labor needs feel free to come by the shop or call.

BikeCo Tune Ups:

MTB Tune Up: $100-120
eMTB Tune Up: $100-120*
BikeCo Tune Ups include: adjusting bottom bracket / cranks, brakes, headset, shifting, a bolt check and spot wheel true.

Common Add Ons to BikeCo Tune Ups:

Labor to Install New Drivetrain (Cassette, Chain Ring & Chain): $55 with Tune Up
Labor to install new Cable & Housing: $30 with Tune Up

*eMTB Tune-Up Note: add $50 if the service requires motor removal

Bike Builds

Pro MTB Bike Build: $250-350 (client provides a majority of loose parts for a custom build)
Box Bike Build: $175-250 (client provides a stock box bike for assembly)
Box eBike Build: $175-250 (client provides a stock box ebike for assembly)
Shipped bike re-assembly: $85-125 (pre-authorization of $100 required to book service)
Shipped ebike re-assembly: $125-150
Single Speed New or Used Build: By Quote
Multispeed Used Bike Build: By Quote

Pack Bike for Shipping

Bike Pack for Shipping: $90.00 + $35.00 for box (client provides shipping label)
eBike Pack for Shipping: $140.00 + $35.00 for box (client provides shipping label)

Frame Prep / Frame Services

1 year warranty. Designed to minimize noise and wear between frame pivots, linkage, etc.
Standard Frame Prep, Bare Frame: $100 *complimentary with frame or complete purchase
Standard Frame Prep, Assembled Bike: $150-175

Race Frame Prep (more aggressive fixatives and techniques): $175-200

More details on BikeCo Frame Prep Here

Install Suspension Bearing Kit: $120 – for Yeti, Ibis, Mondraker, Santa Cruz, YT, inquire about other brands
Install Bearing Kit eMTB: $150-200

Chase / Face Frame Services

Bottom Bracket Chase / Facing, Bare Frame: $65
Bottom Bracket Chase / Facing, Used Frame: $95
Headset Chase / Facing, Bare Frame: $65
Headset Chase / Facing, Used Frame:$95

Headset Installation

Headset Install, New Frame: $30
Headset Install, Used Frame: $40

Bottom Bracket Installation

Bottom Bracket, New Frame: $20 pressfit or threaded
Bottom Bracket, Used Frame: $40 pressfit or threaded

Frame Protection

Tailored RideWrap Install, New Frame: $300 new, never ridden or assembled frame
Tailored RideWrap Install, Used Bike: $500-$550 used, ridden, assembled frame

Covered RideWrap Install, New Frame: $150 new, never ridden or assembled frame
Covered RideWrap Install, Used Bike: $180 used, ridden, assembled frame


Fork Services & Rebuilds

BikeCo offers a 90 day warranty on suspension service
Fork Service LVL 1: $45 + parts Bath Oil & Wiper Seal Change
Fork Service LVL 2: $90 + parts Bath Oil, Damper Oil Change/Bleed & Wiper Seal Change
Fork Service LVL 3: $200 + parts Damper Rebuild/Bleed, Air Spring Rebuild, Bath Oil & Wiper Seal Change

Fork Service Detail Options Here

*Fox fork pricing, part pricing may vary for other makes

Learn more about BikeCo Pro Tune Advantages Here

Fox Suspension BikeCo Pro Tune
FOX Fit4: $225 or $180 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
FOX RC2: $300 or $225 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo
FOX 40: $350 or $270 if fork was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo

Services involving Forks

Air Shaft Swap: $45
Install Fork: $40 + parts as required does not include suspension setup
Cut Steer Tube: $15 (bare fork marked by client for cut)
Install Star Nut: $25 + star nut
Fork Bushing Install: $80 + parts *requires mechanic approval for service
Suspension Setup: $65 (front and rear setup and review with client)
Fork Brake Mount Facing: $45

Rear Suspension Service & Rebuild

BikeCo offers a 90 day warranty on suspension service. We do not service Rock Shox dampers.
BikeCo Pro Tune (Fox Shocks): $190 or $160 if shock was purchased within 6 months from BikeCo

DHX2 & Float X2 Service: $175 includes seals
DPX2 & Float X Service: $175 includes seals
DPS Service: $175 includes seals
DPX2 / DPS Air Can Service: $54 + parts

Shock Bushing Install: $15 install F&R shock mounting hardware on bare shock
Shock Bushing Removal/Install: $25 remove & install F&R shock mounting hardware on bare shock

Install Rear Shock: $25

Bottom Bracket Adjust / Service

Standard BB Adjust: $20
Standard Overhaul or Replace: $40

Crankset / Chainguide Service

Install Cranks: $40
Install Chainrings: $25
Chainguide Install, most: $35


Labor for Drivetrain Replacement: $80 (or $55 with TuneUp)* Chainring, cassette, chain & shifting adjustment.

Full Drivetrain Install: $95* install new shifter, rear derailleur, cassette, chain and chain ring.
*new cable & housing required

Derailleur & Shifters

Rear Derailleur/Shifter Adjust: $20 adjust – $50 if new housing required (plus cable & housing)

SRAM AXS Kit Install: $55 replace mechanical shifter & rear derailleur

Derailleur Hanger Alignment: $10-25 additional to rear derailleur adjustment

Install Cable & Housing: $35 + parts per line
eMTB Cable & Housing: $60 + parts* per line
*may be more if requires motor removal, etc

Cassette Removal / Installation

Cassette Install, wheel off bike: $10
Cassette Install, wheel on bike: $25


Install Chain: $15

Brakes (per line)

Hydraulic Brake Service LVL 1: $25 bubble bleed, caliper service / pad install
Hydraulic Brake Service LVL 2: $40 hydraulic flush/bleed, caliper service / pad install

Hope Hydraulic Rebuild: $130 + parts master cylinder & caliper rebuild
Install Hydraulic Brakes MTB: $50
Install rear brake eMTB: $100


We offer adjustments, bearing replacement and rebuild services on a wide range of MTB and eMTB hubs.

Chris King Hub Service

Front Hub Service: $30
Rear Hub Service: $55
Hub Bearing Replacement Rear: $80 + parts
Standard Front Hub Adjustment: $20
Standard Rear Hub Adjustment: $30-50
Standard Front Hub Overhaul: $30
Standard Rear Hub Overhaul: $50

King Rear Hub Additional Service

Freewheel Adjustment: $30
Cassette Cartridge Bearing Overhaul: $45
Cassette Cartridge Bearing Adjustment: By Quote

Stem & Handlebars

Handlebar Grip Installation: $6

Install OneUp EDC Standard: $30

Install OneUp EDC Lite: $10

Install OneUp EDC Threadless: $30 *not compatible with FOX 38 forks
Install MTB Handlebars: $30
Cut Handlebars: $15
Install Stem: $20
Tape Road Bars: $35

Saddle & Seatpost

Cable Actuated Dropper Post Install: $30 *cable & housing required
Reverb AXS Post Install: $15
Rigid Post & Saddle Install: $15
Cartridge Style Adjustable Post Service: $65 *PNW, OneUp
Reverb AXS Service: $130
Remove Post Frozen in Frame: $40-80 + *requires mechanic review and pre-auth

Wheels (per wheel)

Simple True, Alloy: $35
Spoke Replacement, standard alloy wheel: $50 + $2 labor per spoke replaced *new rim tape, spokes & nipples required
ENVE Wheel True: $60 * plus new rim tape if model requires
ENVE Spoke Replacement: $75 + $2 labor per spoke replaced *new rim tape, spokes & nipples required
Alloy Wheel Build: $90 + parts
Carbon Wheel Build: $120 + parts
Rim Tape: $15 labor *plus cost of tape

Tires & Tubes (per tire)

Install Tubeless Tire: $20 * plus sealant
Install Tubeless Tire with Rim Protection: $35 * plus sealant
Refresh Tubeless Fluid: $15 + sealant
Install Cush Core: $20
Replace Tube: $15


Cartridge Bearing Adjustment: $15 per pedal
Cartridge Bearing Replacement: $50 per pair
Clipless Tension Adjustment: $15 per pair
Install Cleats: $20 per pair

Misc Services

Mastic Tape Frame Chainstay: $30
Creak Diagnosis / Stripped / Frozen Bolt Removal: $20-50 $50 pre-auth required
Bike Wash – Basic: $30-45
Bike Wash – Extreme: $40-60 ie road bike drivetrain covered in sludge, MTB covered in mud

eBike Specific

eBike with hub motor Wheel True: $70
eBikewith hub motor Tube Replace: $50

*Service Rates are subject to change. Every attempt is made to ensure pricing is accurate online. Last update: 1/5/2023


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