8/8/20 – Update / Web Construction!
We’ve launched our new theme and will be updating the Ibis, Yeti and Alchemy completes shortly.
In the interim feel free to contact us about the latest factory completes available.


Ibis Factory builds are available in a range of price points, each with a lot of value in the budget!

Ibis has worked hard to provide riders access to their top tier carbon fiber frame at a reasonable price with their entry level complete bikes. These builds balance performance and value but without compromising the trail experience.

On the other end of the spectrum Ibis offers no holds barred, top of the line offerings including SRAM AXS, carbon rims, Industry Nine hubs and more.

When you review Ibis’ completes you’ll see a concept that’s very familiar here at BikeCo. Prioritizing components for performance in a logical tiered manner. Starting with the Ibis frame and DW Suspension you continue with quality suspension options and wheels that offer fun on trail personality with a variety of tire options.

Some of the popular upgrades client’s review with Ibis bikes include brakes, seating, cockpit and hubs.

In fact, we build A LOT of Ibis’ with Chris King or Industry Nine colored hubs to set off Ibis’ amazing colorways.

Chat with our sales team about available incentives on a variety of upgrades like hubs, Magura brakes, Ergon, and suspension.

Our team will help you define where you may look at different options and which Ibis factory complete build hits the most check boxes for your riding and budget.

We look forward to working with you on your next Ibis!