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Adjustable Seatposts

The best MTB Adjustable Seatposts are available in a range of sizes to maximize available travel for any size frame and rider. Leading posts from FOX, PNW and OneUp are also reliable and easy to install.

FOX Transfer Dropper Post

FOX Transfer seatposts are available in two models. Factory Transfer posts feature FOX’s gold Kashima coat  to match their Factory fork and rear shocks. Transfer Performance models have a hard black ano coating for a stealth look.

FOX Transfer posts are available in 30.9 and 31.6mm in the popular travel sizes of 150mm, 175mm and 200mm.

PNW Loam Dropper Post

The PNW Loam Dropper features the ability for finite adjustments to total travel, quickly and without special tools! This allows riders to “up-size” post travel and then adjust down to maximize their exact fit. PNW Loam Adjustable Seatposts are available in three travel lengths: 150, 170 and 200mm.

The Loam seatpost also has interchangeable colored bands to match your bike’s accent color. Pair this with the PNW remote pad and you can dial in the perfect color combos.

OneUp Dropper V2

OneUp Components Dropper V2 is a popular, cost conscious option as well as packed with design features for the best fit.

Like the PNW Loam the OneUp seatpost can have its travel limited to fine tune exact fit. This allows riders to purchase a slightly longer post than would fit and then reduce the travel with the OneUp shims for maximum available travel length.

OneUp’s V2 Dropper also utilizes a compact design to minimize the insertion depth at each size.  Riders choose from 150, 170 and a 210mm travel option.

Determining Dropper Post Size

Are you updating your build? Spec’ing a new dream build? Here’s a couple methods to look at adjustable seatpost sizing.

Going off your existing setup: if you have a bike currently you have some great data right in front of you. You can measure from your saddle rails and compare it with dimensions provided on the individual seatposts.

You need to ensure that you have the clearance for the adjustable seatpost’s head to clear your seattube collar as well as enough seat tube to mount the dropper post without issue.  This is particularly an issue for riders looking to upsize a post like the PNW Loam or OneUp V2 and then adjust the travel down for fit.

If you have questions on sizing feel free to contact our team and we will help get you on the right post at the right length for your riding.

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