Suspension Maintenance

Shop the seals, fluids and tools for servicing your fork or rear shock.

We have the maintenance parts and tools to service your FOX 40, 38, 36, 34, and 32 fork. Appropriate service will keep your fork’s seals, foam rings, o-rings and oil fresh ensuring the best performance and longest total service life.


Questions on suspension service? No problem.

Signs it’s time for a Fork Service

As your suspension oil ages it slowly degrades your fork’s performance. The first signs that your fork is due for service can be hard to detect (which is one reason so many riders create a schedule for service).

Typically you’ll notice that fork becomes increasingly harsh across the small and mid travel. Your hands will start to take more of a beating as the fork is no longer able to subtly absorb the terrain.

Eventually, and I’m constantly guilty of this, the fork will feel bad enough that you start messing with air pressure, damping settings, etc. At that point I usually complain around the shop about how I guess it’s time for a new fork and one of our staff will look up and smugly point out I haven’t done an oil change in some tremendous amount of time! Fork service done, fork feels great. And I’m off until the next time I forget.

You can review FOX’s service intervals on their site – but remember they’re not riding the fork. So if it’s feeling a little iffy, particularly if you’ve been riding chair lift, big mountain, racing – things that would put a lot of heat through the system or riding in sloppy conditions you probably should expedite the service window.

FOX Fork Service Procedures

Review service procedures from FOX for the Transfer, Rear Shocks as well as forks. Link opens in a new tab. FOX SERVICE PROCEDURES

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