MTB SHOES carries MTB shoes from industry leaders like Five Ten and Giro. Both clipless as well as flat pedal riders can find the right shoes here.

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MTB shoes play a big part in the quality of your ride. Obviously fit is critical but did you know that the sole’s stiffness effects your efficiency?

Not through torque transfer as much as support.

Shoes without a supportive sole require more leg muscles to support your weight during the pedal stroke. An appropriately stiff sole provides more support easing the load on your legs.

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MTB shoes are about more than a stylish look. Now, that’s not to say that a stylish look isn’t important – but tread composition, quality construction and attention to detail are critical.

Frankly most of your riding gear is best summed up in “I didn’t notice it.” When you’re hyper focused on fit or function your ride will suffer.

At we are very particular about fit and quality of components we offer to our clients. We work with the best in MTB to ensure maximum performance and value for budget.

Each year we test a variety of products. Frankly, most don’t make the cut. MTB shoes are a hard market to get into right. Balancing the right stiffness, tread compound, upper construction and style is tough business. We see shoes you can fold in half with one hand. Rock hard rubber. Less than ideal cleat positions.

There are two areas that connect you to your bike downhill. Your hands and feet. With how much attention is paid to grips and positioning an argument could be made that having a steady footing to push on is at least equally important.