Mondraker F-Play eMTB, F-Play 24 & F-Play 26

Looking to get your little one out and pedaling with you? With the eMTB Mondraker F-Play 24 and F-Play 26 smaller riders can increase their mileage.

The Mondraker F-Play 24 is a 24″ bike designed for riders from approximately 4′ 5″ to 5’1″ tall. The F-Play 24 is a 120mm travel fork paired with a 120mm travel frame. Mondraker publishes the F-Play 24’s weight at 35.7 lbs.

On the larger Mondraker F-Play 26 riders from 4′ 9″ to 5′ 5″ ride a 26″ wheel. Along with the larger diameter wheel F-Play 26 riders find 140mm of fork travel paired with 130mm of rear travel. Mondraker’s published weight on the F-Play 26 is 37.5 lbs.

Questions on spec, performance or availability?

The eMTB Mondraker F-Play is available in 2 builds.
F-Play 24 is blue with white and black highlights.
On the F-Play 26 Mondraker uses grey with black and yellow accents .

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Ready to order your Mondraker F-Play 26 or F-Play 24? The tabs below show in-stock and available F-Play eMTB Completes. Contact our team about available upgrades and part swaps to the factory Mondraker F-Play builds.

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In-Stock & Available: Mondraker F-Play 26 Bikes

Don’t see your size or spec below? Contact our team for the lead time! 949-470-1099

In-Stock & Available: Mondraker F-Play 24 Bikes

Don’t see your size or spec below? Contact our team for the lead time! 949-470-1099

While part swaps and upgrades on the Mondraker kits are common especially in Cockpit, Brakes, Suspension Tuning and Wheels – for the kid eMTB spec Mondraker has it pretty close. Brakes might be a consideration depending on the riding level and aggression. Remember you’re adding the bike’s mass to you kiddo and want to make sure it all gets stopped!

Other than that some F-Play buyers will look at a seatpost remote or grips to add some “custom” flare or color to stoke the rider!

Questions on spec? No worries that’s what were here for. Wondering what you might ask? Which brakes are best for your riding style and preference? What cockpit size and setup should you run? Are there areas that you might spend a little bit extra but gain a lot of performance? All valid questions on purchases at this level. Let’s go over your questions today!

Mondraker F-Play Build Details

With the Zero Suspension System, Internal Cable Routing and the unique lines that make a Mondraker a Mondraker the F-Play 24 and F-Play 26 aren’t catalog e-bikes. Built to perform the F-Play are functional eMTB offerings for younger riders.

Shared Highlights of F-Play Kits:

F-Play Drive Unit and Battery

Both the F-Play 24 and F-Play 26 are spec’d with the Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 drive unit. A Mahle-Ebikemotion internal 250Wh battery and Mahle-Ebikemotion display complete the drive unit.


Both F-Play models are spe’d with Kenda Regolith 2.4″ tires. The F-Play 24 uses 24″ tires while the F-Play 26 runs 26″ tires.

Read on the rest of the kit details on the tabs below.

Use these tabs to examine the spec differences between the Mondraker F-Play 24 and F-Play 26 eMTB bikes! Learn about common part swaps and upgrades to the Mondraker builds.

Mondraker F-Play Kit Specs
Build Kit 24 26
MSRP $3,299 $3,499
Fork X-Fusion Velvet RL 26, 120mm X-Fusion Velvet RL 26, 140mm
Shock X-Fusion 02PRO R, 165×42.5mm X-Fusion 02PRO R, 165x45mm
Wheelset Front Hub: DA210FS02
Rear Hub: Mahle-Ebikemotion HG FreeHub
Rims: MDK-HP1 24 TLR 25mm internal
Front Hub: DA210FS02
Rear Hub: Mahle-Ebikemotion HG FreeHub
Rims: MDK-HP1 24 TLR 25mm internal
Front Tire Kenda Regolith 24×2.4 Kenda Regolith 26×2.4
Rear Tire Kenda Regolith 24×2.4 Kenda Regolith 26×2.4
Brakes SRAM Level SRAM G2
Rotors SRAM Centerline 180mm SRAM Centerline 180mm
Cranks Samox DM 30t, 152mm SRAM SX Eagle
Derailleur SRAM GX 10sp SRAM SX Eagle 12sp
Shifter SRAM GX 10sp SRAM SX Eagle 12sp
Cassette SRAM PG 1020 11-36t 10sp SRAM PG 1230 11-50t 12sp
Chain SRAM PC1031 10sp SRAM SX Eagle
Headset Arcos AZX-239 R1
ZeroStack 44 top, 56 bottom
Arcos AZX-239 R1
ZeroStack 44 top, 56 bottom
Grips Onoff Twin Onoff Twin
Handlebar MDK XC 1.0
25mm Rise, 680mm width
31.8mm dia
MDK XC 1.0
25mm Rise, 680mm width
31.8mm dia
Stem Onoff Sulfur FG 30mm
31.8mm Dia
Onoff Sulfur FG 30mm
31.8mm Dia
Seatpost Onoff Pija 100mm Onoff Pija 125mm
Saddle SDG Fly JR SDG Fly JR
Drive Unit Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35 Mahle-Ebikemotion X-35
Display Mahle-Ebikemotion Mahle-Ebikemotion
Battery Mahle-Ebikemotion Internal 250Wh Mahle-Ebikemotion Internal 250Wh

Mondraker F-Play Kit Differences

So, unlike the other bikes your main question here is frame fit… But, if you’re close to the crossover what are the differences? Here’s a quick look at the stock Mondraker F-Play eMTB builds.


Both bikes are spec’d with X-Fusion Velve RL forks and X-Fusion 02PRO R shocks.

The 26″ F-Play 26 has slightly more travel front and rear as riders grow and a little more travel helps with aggression levels.

Cockpit and Brakes

Both bikes share a cockpit spec. It’s a good spec for smaller riders. As a reminder in case you’re thinking about making kiddo’s bike a little more baller with your old carbon setup: bars need to be designed to work in the approximate final width range! Work with a narrow bar option or you might end up cutting past the safe minimum or making it teeth rattling stiff.

The F-Play 24 features SRAM Level brakes while the F-Play 26 uses the SRAM G2 spec. Some buying the F-Play will consider other brakes based on adult riding considerations. Is there a brand that you prefer? Is there a brand that requires less maintenance? Some things to consider are balancing power and technique. The variables in younger rider’s techniques can create unique issues. The bikes are spec’d with 180mm rotors so there is a lot of mechanical advantage to be had here. Chat with us if you have questions on brake setups to help your youngster take their riding to the next level.


The smaller F-Play 24 features a 10sp SRAM drivetrain with an 11-36t cassette. On the larger F-Play 26 riders find a 12 sp SRAM SX spec with an 11-50t cassette.

There really aren’t a lot of common swaps on the Mondraker F-Play ebikes.

Like we mentioned earlier some riders will change grips, or seat post remote to give it a “custom” feel or a more color accented look. But overall these bikes have a great spec for younger riders.

Mondraker F-Play Geometry

Check out the differences between the 24″ F-Play 24 and 26″ F-Play 26 on the next tab.

Based on Mondraker’s published sizing there is a crossover from 4’9″ to 5’1″ – about 4″. If you’re edging into that crossover you may consider growth spurt timing (and age) as well as arm and leg length versus total height (as you would sizing an adult bike).

The seat tube lengths have 1.2″ variance while most of the other geo spec is within 1 to 2″ as well.

F-Play Geometry Chart
Size 24 26
Factory Sizing Guide (inches) 4′ 5″ – 5′ 1″ 4′ 9″ – 5′ 5″
Rear Travel 120 130
Fork Travel 120 140
Head Tube Angle (degrees) 67 67
Trail not listed not listed
Reach 375 415
Stack 513 545
Top Tube Length 525 550
Head Tube Length 90 90
Seat Tube Length (inches) 12.6 13.8
Seat Tube Angle (degrees) 76 76
Saddle Height for ST Angle not listed not listed
Standover not listed not listed
BB Height 295 320
BB Drop 10 10
Chainstay Length 420 420
Wheelbase 1050 1104

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