Interactive MTB Geo Comparison Ibis Yeti and Mondraker

Interactive MTB Geometry Comparison – Ibis, Mondraker, Yeti

Compare geometry of the class leading 29″ and 27.5″ trail and enduro bikes. This interactive comparison illustrates key differences between Ibis, Mondraker, as well as Yeti bikes. Visually review bottom bracket, chainstay length, wheelbase, reach as well as stack geometry.

Keep reading for common cockpit setup and Rider Reach and Rider Stack to better understand how frames actually compare for rider setup.

Frame geo is available for sizes: Medium, Large and X-Large.

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(due to formatting constraints please scroll down for comparison images on mobile devices – if you have any issues navigating this form contact our team who will walk you through the data to compare these frames.)

This page compares class leading MTB geo from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti.

MTB geometry comparison allows riders to see the dimensional difference of how different frames and sizes will fit. Here riders can compare bottom bracket height, chainstay, wheelbase, headtube angle, reach and stack. We’ve also added Rider Reach and Rider Stack, which accommodate for common headset spacer and stem cockpit setup.

Geo is available for a wide variety of our class leading offers.

MTB Geometry Comparison – Ibis, Mondraker & Yeti

29″ bikes include the Ibis Exie, Ibis Ripley, Ibis Ripley AF, Ibis Ripmo, Ibis Ripmo with 170mm fork and Ibis Ripmo AF. Mondraker 29s include the Foxy Carbon and Raze. Yeti’s 29 lineup includes the SB115, SB130, SB130 Lunch Ride as well as the SB150.

27.5″ bikes from Yeti include the SB165, SB140 and the SB140 Lunch Ride. The Ibis Mojo is a 27.5″ option as well.

Mullet builds, with a 29″ front wheel and a 27.5″ rear wheel can be compared as well. The Ibis Mojo with a 130mm fork as well as a 140mm fork, Yeti’s SB140 with a 140mm or 150mm fork and the SB165 with a 160 or 170mm fork are available for mtb geometry comparison.

Our e-mtb offerings are the Yeti 160 E and the Mondraker Crafty..

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