Frame Parts / Derailleur Hangers

We carry Frame Parts & Derailleur Hangers for a variety of the best in MTB including Ibis, Yeti and Mondraker.

We often suggest that riders have an extra derailleur hanger, axle and bearing kit in their toolbox to keep them on trail.

Shop axles, derailleur hangers and replacement frame bearings here.

Which Derailleur Hanger for my Ibis, Yeti or Mondraker?

Wondering which hanger is spec’d on your bike? Let’s take a quick look.

Derailleur Hangers: Ibis Boost Frames

The Ibis Ripmo, Ripmo AF, Ripley, Ripley AF and Mojo all utilize the hanger shown below.

Ibis 148 Derailleur Hanger HD5 Mojo Ripley Ripmo AF Boost

Have an older Ibis? This hanger is likely still compatible with different hardware.

Derailleur Hangers: Yeti SB Series

This derailleur hanger is spec’d on the Yeti SB115, SB130, SB140, SB150 and SB165.

Yeti SB Derailleur Hanger 12x148 SB115 SB130 SB140 SB150 SB165
It also is spec’d on some previous SB series bikes.

SRAM UDH, Universal Derailleur Hanger

Some of our favorite bikes are spec’d with the SRAM UDH.

The Yeti 160E, Yeti ARC, Ibis Exie and most Mondraker models utilize the Universal Derailleur Hanger.

SRAM UDH Universal Derailleur Hanger AC-DRHG-MTB-A1

Want a little more flare on your SRAM UDH? Check out the Yeti Turquoise Option below.

Yeti 160E Derailleur Hanger Turquoise ARC SRAM UDH

Wondering about the SRAM UDH? Watch this quick video where we show while it’s named universal, it’s not an adapter for everything.

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