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4 Common Reasons Your MTB Shock is Losing Air

You’ll hear this a lot from MTB and eMTB riders: my shock (or fork) is losing air. Every time I check it it’s lower than I left it. Well there are a few reasons that a functioning shock will show lower PSI. Are you Pre-Charging your Pump? The most common is not pre-charging the pump [...]

Pro Tune Suspension for Specialized Enduro & Stumpjumper We are excited to offer BikeCo Pro Tunes for the Specialized Enduro & Stumpjumpers equipped with FOX suspension. Pro Tune Suspension for Specialized bikes will take your bike’s performance to the next level. After extensive testing our range of Specialized Pro Tunes will narrow the FOX performance […]

BikeCo Service Evaluation When you bring your bike in for service BikeCo’s staff will go through your bike front to back. This pre-service evaluation provides an overview of basic maintenance your bike requires. Do you have addition concerns or hard to diagnose issues? No problem. Let our team know and they will note your issues […]

BikeCo Full and Partial Fork Services For the best performance it is important to properly service MTB suspension. BikeCo Full and Partial Fork Services provide 3 options to keep suspension riding at its best. Partial Fork Service from $40, Full Fork Service Level A from $125 and Full Fork Service Level B from $175.   […]

Purpose Built Wheels by Improve trail tracking and performance with Purpose Built Wheels by It’s possible to calculate the performance of your mountain bike wheels. To start look at the sum of the major parts. Hubs, Spokes, Rims. Then factor in the builder’s skill in assembly as well as tuning. Yes, wheel tuning […]

BikeCo Frame Prep Build integrity for your new mountain bike starts before you hang any bits on the frame. In fact, for the ultimate performance and longevity BikeCo developed specific MTB Frame Prep procedures. Pivots, Bearings, Axles, , Hangers, Bottom Brackets and Headsets are addressed in BikeCo’s MTB Frame Prep services. BikeCo Frame Prep services […]

The Bike Company Service Rates The Bike Company offers a complete service lineup for MTB, eMTB, Road, Hybrids and some electric bicycles. Bikes need to be dropped off at the shop to be scheduled for service. The Bike Company 21098 Bake Parkway #112 Lake Forest, CA 92630 949.470.1099 BikeCo Stands Behind Our Service! Typically, BikeCo [...]

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages For years we’ve has been providing riders access to the best performing Fox Suspension through our proprietary Pro Tunes designed by owner Joe Binatena. BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension is designed to maximize damper performance to your riding specifics.