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Find the best from Magura, Hope, SRAM & Shimano to maintain your brakes.

Whether you’re looking for brake pads, brake parts, brake bleed kits or brake adapters BIkeCo has you covered.

Remember: if you’re purchasing pads it’s a good time to check your rotors as well. Rotors are a wear item and will need to be replaced from time to time. Check the minimum manufacturer thickness as well as look for uneven shape to the contact area of the rotor.

If your rotor is concave, convex, or “knifed” instead of parallel and true the contact point of new pads will be compromised. This can create tremendous performance issues – lack of power, lack of heat capacity, noise, etc. Worst case scenario the new pads may take such a heat soak that they are unrecoverable… None of this is to scare you from maintenance – just a reminder its’ worth a look at your rotors too!

Another important reminder: bed in your new brake pads. You will not have full power until the brakes have been burned through several stops. It’s best to do these in a safe controlled environment, not down the steepest trail you can find.

Wondering if your pads are ready for replacement? Read a blog about MTB Brake Pad Wear Limits.

Getting ready for your new pads? Need a quick review on some best practices for the service? View Changing MTB Brake Pads Tips & Tricks

More Brake related Tips & Tricks Here.

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