Magura MT5 Brake Pads 9.P

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Magura MT5 Brake Pads, 9.P

9 Series Fits 4 piston Magura MT5 or MT7 brakes – 4 pads mounted to 2 backing plates. Mounts without locating pins.

9.P Magura Brake Pads:
Performance Compound offers excellent bite for strong braking response in a variety of conditions
Magura Part Number: 2701166


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Magura MT5 Brake Pads

9 Series Fits Magura Models MT5 & MT7 (4 piston)

9 Series pads feature a connected back plate, and fit 4-piston Magura MT5 and MT7 brakes, as well as the front caliper in Magura Trail brakes. Offered in a Performance and Comfort compound.

One piece connected back plate

Performance Compound offers excellent bite for strong braking response in a variety of conditions
Magura Part Number: 2701166

Pair of disc brake pads for one MT5, MT7 caliper

Magura MT 9.p performance, 9.c comfort brake pads available from

Other Magura Brake Pads

Replacement Magura MT7 Brake Pads, 4 individual pads per caliper (also works with MT5 brakes)

THIS PAGE: Series 9 Pads: Replacement Magura MT5 Brake Pads, 4 pad surfaces mounted to 2 backers. Stock MT5 pads,  but most riders upgrade to the MT7 Series 8 pads for improved alignment and feel.

Series 7 Pads: Replacement Magura Brake Pads for 2 piston brakes. Replace your MT2, MT4, MT6 or MT8 pads.

So my Magura MT7 brakes take Series 8 pads? And the Magura MT8 takes Series 7 pads? Ya… We know…

Replacing your brake pads for the first time? Or just want to refresh the best practices? Check out a pair of videos about installing new brake pads and the importance of removing the bleed port prior to service.

Do You Need To Replace Your Rotors As Well?

The nature of brake pad and rotor interface means they will wear together. Ideally you will be able to replace your brake pads a few times before you need to replace your rotors. however there can be some conditions that make it necessary to replace the rotors sooner. Let’s look at a few.

Rotor Wear:

Magura Shimano SRAM Rotor Wear Limits

The easiest thing to check is the rotor wear limit.

A Magura rotor that is less than 1.8mm wide is considered worn. SRAM rotors less than 1.5mm are worn. Shimano rotors less than 1.5mm or if any of the aluminum “Ice-Tech” material appears are considered worn.

Running too thin of a rotor will compromise brake bite as well as heat capacity. In extreme cases it can lead to rotor separation which will cause damage and potentially severe injury.

Rotor Shape:

Rotor Wear Issues

If the previous pads have worn shapes into the rotor your performance will be compromised. Whether the rotor shows knife edge, bulge or convex anything but parallel surfaces will cause contact patch issues.

These issues will create extreme “hot-spots” on the new brake pads which, in some conditions, can super heat the pad – glazing it and compromising the friction coefficient (bite, power, heat capacity are all effected).

We have seen cases where new brake pads become unusable due to this severe heat modifying the pad’s makeup glazing not just the contact surfaces but essentially glazing the entire pad material.

Contact issues between new and old pats and rotors

A rule of thumb is rotors should be replaced about every three or four sets of pads. It will pay dividends to check the rotor’s condition before installing new pads!

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