Closeout Mondraker Dusk RR SE with Battery Extender

In-Stock and Available Now at Small, Medium, Large and X-Large Closeout Mondraker Dusk RR SE with Simplo Battery Extender.

Mondraker Dusk RR SE SALE PRICE: $6,400

Save $3,731 on this bike AND get BikeCo’s unbeatable customer service. Chat with our team about part swaps and upgrades like Pro Tune Suspension, Cockpit, Brakes and more.

The Mondraker Dusk RR SE is alloy eMTB with 150mm of rear travel and a stock 160mm fork. BikeCo has an unbeatable deal on the Closeout Mondraker Dusk RR SE with Battery Extender!

MSRP: $10,131
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Like the Crafty Carbon the alloy Dusk features a 65.5 degree headtube angle and geo for aggressive riding. This is a bike at home in burly trail riding adventures to bigger enduro rips.

The Dusk comes in four sizes to accommodate riders from around 5’4″ to 6’6″. Scroll down for more info on the Dusk’s sizing and geo.

Read on for more details on the closeout Mondraker Dusk RR SE with Battery extender or use the contact form, web chat, call or email to get yours on order today.

The 2023 eMTB Mondraker Dusk RR SE is available in 4 sizes, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.
This bike features white with purple and red branding.

Ready to go? Or have questions on spec, performance or availability?

Use these tabs to review the spec on the Mondraker Dusk RR SE kit! Learn more about common part swaps and upgrades to the Mondraker builds.

Mondraker Crafty Kit Specs
Build Kit RR SE
MSRP $10,131 SALE: $6,400
Fork FOX 36 Factory GRIP2, 160mm
Shock FOX Factory Float DPS, 205x65mm
Wheelset DT Swiss H1900 with DT370 hubs, 30mm Internal
Front Tire Maxxis Minion DHF 29×2.6 EXO Plus
3C MaxxTerra
Rear Tire Maxxis Minion DHR II 29×2.6 EXO Plus
3C MaxxTerra
Brakes SRAM Code R
Rotors SRAM Centerline 200mm
Cranks FSA 165mm
Derailleur SRAM GX Eagle
Shifter SRAM GX Eagle
Cassette SRAM PG-1230, 11-50t
Chain SRAM SX Eagle
Headset Onoff Saturn 41/52
Grips Onoff Diamond, 135mm
Handlebar Onoff Sulfur 1.0
31.8 mm Dia
20mm Rise, 780mm Width
Stem Onoff Sulfur FG 30mm
31.8mm Dia
Seatpost FOX Factory Transfer
S: 125mm, M/L: 150mm, XL: 170mm
Saddle Fizik Terra Aidon X5 145mm
Drive Unit Shimano STEPS EP800
Display Shimano STEPS E8000
Battery Shimano internal 630Wh and
Simplo 360Wh external
Upgrades Available from!

With the unbeatable pricing on these Mondraker Dusk RR SE Closeouts riders often take advantage of part swaps and upgrades.

Notably 35mm diameter carbon handlebars with a 35mm dia stem, Magura, Hope, TRP or Shimano brake upgrades to the SRAM spec on the Dusk RR SE. Another popular upgrade with this kind of savings is to jump to the wireless SRAM AXS drivetrain options.

Contact our team today about building your dream eMTB on a budget – these bikes will go fast!

Mondraker Crafty Common Upgrades and Swaps

Mondraker Dusk Upgrades and Swaps

BikeCo loves offering riders the ability to fine tune or dial in that perfect bike spec. Whether you’re looking for some minor swaps or want to dial in a full custom Mondraker Dusk you’ve found the resource.

All and all there is a lot of value for your dollar in the Mondraker builds. But, it’s common for riders to develop preferences.

Whether it’s a performance swap or upgrade or getting you that perfect part in the right color to personalize the Dusk’s performance or look we have you covered.

Common Dusk RR SE Upgrades

These are areas we commonly see riders update a bike purchase. Some are personal preference, others are budget or performance choices. Questions? Chat, email or call our expert sales staff and we will help you buy the perfect Mondraker Dusk RR SE.

Rider Contact Points

Do you have a preferred grip and pedal go-to?

We can provide a range of grips with variable patterns, technology and shape to improve your riding. There might even be a grip in a color to set off your new bike as well.

A lot of riders purchasing a new bike find it a good time to refresh their pedals. We have the best clipless and flat options for a wide range of riding styles at unbeatable prices.


Like contact points its not unusual for riders to have a “must-have” go to tire spec. This is one of the most common swaps on builds from any manufacturer. With notable performance differences between tread pattern, compound and sidewall lets make sure we get you on the perfect tire setup.

The Dusk is spec’d with Maxxis EXO+ sidewalls and 3C MaxxTerra compound tires. On the front riders find a 2.6″ Minion DHF and a 2.6″ Minion DHR II in the rear.

This is a very popular option – however – it’s pretty common to see minor modifications or even entire swaps on this tire setup. Many eMTB riders will prefer to move to Double Down or even DH tires to maximize the small bump compliance of their bike. Others may want a more aggressive tread pattern like the Maxxis Assegai. A few may even want a slightly faster rolling rear tires like the Maxxis Aggressor.

Know what you’re looking for? Stoked – let us know and we’ll get the right tires on your new bike. Wondering what’s right for you? No problem there either. Chat with our team about how tires will change your bike’s overall personality as well as how to match your riding style to them. Questions on what tires are right for your riding style and locale? No problem – chat with our team about swapping to tires perfect for you on your new eMTB.

Maybe you’re also thinking about rim protection? We have that covered too. We often see riders use combinations of CushCore PRO and CushCore XC or even a single rim protection strip (usually on the rear tire). Questions? Let us know!


Along with Brakes, Cockpit is the most common place we see part swaps and upgrades. Since fit is so important to your bike it’s not surprising that you’ll want to work with a resource that has more than 1 option!

On eMTB bikes its common to see riders looking for handlebar designs that maximize small bump compliance. The heavier eMTB bikes often utilize more progressive suspension setups for ultimate performance. This means finding small bump compliance elsewhere is important on you aggressive eMTB build.

The most common handlebar for eMTB purchases is the OneUp carbon e-bar. Designed with a unique shape to provide maximum stiffness in a fore/aft load but while offering subtle give in vertical loads.

Another common handlebar spec is the carbon option from TAG Metals which has an ovalized internal design for similar performance benefits.

Handlebar rise and overall stiffness also improve the personalization and performance of your bike. As you trim your bars they will get stiffer due to the decreased lever arm – so if you’ve got narrower shoulders you’ll likely want to start with a narrower bar rather than cutting tons off. Similarly getting the right bar rise will help your setup. Ideally you want your hands in a power position. Too low and the bike will try to pull “under” and out in steep chutes. Too tall and you’ll lose front end grip. While some of this is adapted with headset spacers the preference for performance and looks is generally to have 15-30mm of spacers and get the rest of the rise from the handlebar.

Looking for suggestions? Chat with our team about hand positioning and the advantages of getting the right handlebar rise on your new rig. We have the best in the market from OneUp, Tag, Renthal and Raceface.


This is one of the most common swaps or upgrades on any bike. Brakes that compliment your riding style and preference make a huge difference on trail. We offer class leading options in a variety of price points from Hope, Magura, Shimano and TRP.

Most riders will update brakes on the Mondraker builds.

Shimano brakes are very popular and are spec’d on several of the build options. Shimano brakes have good overall power with quick lever throw. This produces a brake with a strong feel.

TRP brakes are similar to the Shimano lineup. The TRP brakes provide a touch more overall power and extra modulation compared to Shimano offerings.

Riders who prefer a bit more modulation or “feel” to their brakes gravitate towards Hope and Magura.

The latest Hope Tech 4 updates have improved their power. This puts the Hope Tech 4 in the Shimano and Magura range for overall power while retaining the excellent modulation Hope has been known for.

Magura brakes are the most frequent swap or upgrade across all Ibis builds. Riders who appreciate modulation and power will find Magura excellent in both aspects. Magura offers models with across a wide price range allowing budget friendly swaps or upgrades. Riders looking for the most adjustability or tuning for their brakes will shop the MT7 with HC3 levers.

Custom Wheels

Handbuilt or custom wheels are another popular upgrade no matter what brand you’re shopping. Custom wheels allow riders to spec a rim, spoke and hub combination as well as build specifics for the ultimate performance.

We see many riders work with NOX carbon or WTB, Factor and RideFast alloy options.

Riders also will find traction from using the right spokes and build techniques. Our team will help you define this at time of purchase to ensure you maximize performance and longevity.

Popular hubs from Chris King, Industry Nine, Onyx and Factor are spec’d on eMTB builds. All of these hubs are available in a range of colors to highlight your build with the strength to handle the extra power from the motor.

Pro Tune Suspension

Take your bike’s performance to the next level with our proprietary Pro Tune Suspension. Our team will custom tune your FOX fork and rear shock and narrow the performance from the FOX Factory range to a more precise setup designed for your riding style, aggression, ground speed, size and terrain.

This is one of the biggest upgrades to any bike – having the suspension dialed in as well as having a resource like BikeCo to help you fine tune the bike at time of delivery and as your riding speeds increase!

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension – because Every Click Counts.

Dialing in the perfect Mondraker Dusk RR SE Build

Still have questions? If you’re here to compare Mondraker Dusk kits we’d expect you to have questions! Don’t be shy, our team is here to help you define what you need to take your bike build from “this is good” to “man, this is DIALED.”

Mondraker Dusk Geometry

The Dusk is offered in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.  This gives the Crafty a fit option for a wide range of eMTB riders.

Use the tabs below for more info on the Dusk Geo, compare sizes with the Geo Chart as well as see how the Dusk measures up against other Enduro eMTB bikes on the Comparison tab.

eMTB bikes like the Mondraker Dusk are sized from rider height as well as leg and arm length. Riders who find their height in the cross-over of sizes will determine the better size based typically on inseam, flexibility and riding style.

Those with longer legs tend to upsize to improve riding position. This will increase the wheelbase and produce a bike with a bit more overall speed capacity. Going to a larger size will produce a ride that isn’t quite as snappy as a smaller option would be.

Riders with longer torsos or looking for a more “poppy” trail feel will tend to downsize. Although, with modern MTB frames designed to accommodate increased dropper post lengths riders who prefer the added wheelbase may upsize – so long as the reach doesn’t compromise stem size availability or put a rider “too far” over the front wheel.

Use the tabs to compare Mondraker sizes as well as other eMTB bikes.

Dusk Geometry Chart
Size Small Medium Large X-Large
Factory Sizing Guide (inches) 5′ 4″ – 5′ 9″ 5′ 6″ – 5′ 11″ 5′ 9″ – 6′ 2″ 6′ 1″- 6′ 6″
Rear Travel 150 150 150 150
Fork Travel 160 160 160 160
Head Tube Angle (degrees) 65.5 65.5 65.5 65.5
Trail not listed not listed not listed not listed
Reach 450 470 490 510
Stack 622 622 640 640
Top Tube Length 605 625 650 670
Head Tube Length 110 110 130 130
Seat Tube Length (inches) 15 16.5 17.7 18.9
Seat Tube Angle (degrees) 76 76 76 76
Saddle Height for ST Angle not listed not listed not listed not listed
Standover not listed not listed not listed not listed
BB Height 336 336 336 336
BB Drop 25 25 25 25
Chainstay Length 455 455 455 455
Wheelbase 1225 1245 1265 1285

Compare the Mondraker Crafty geo with other Mondraker bikes as well as models from class leaders like Ibis and Yeti!

Enduro MTB Geo Comparison

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Your bike will be built and setup for you including delivery documentation to help you better understand and fine tune the bike’s performance.

Remainder of balance is due at pickup or prior to shipment.
Delivery consultation on-site or available by phone / video conference goes over FAQ on a new MTB or eMTB highlighting common questions on suspension setup, bedding brakes, bolt checks, cockpit and seating fit, etc.
Our team will follow up several times after delivery to help you better understand minute adjustments. And of course we’re always available by phone, email or chat!

Availability Definitions:

IN-STOCK and Available Now!
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Custom components may change this window (we will advise).

AVAILABLE: Secure this Bike
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Order is processed & shipped to BikeCo (typically 3-7 working days), built by BikeCo (usually on the day the product lands at BikeCo) for pickup or shipment.

PRE-ORDER: Due 1st week of XXX
Part of a inbound BikeCo order or shows available in this time window.
May be later or earlier than predicted depending on product availability.
Bike is due at vendor, will be quality checked, processed and shipped. (typically 3-14 business days) Built by BikeCo for delivery.

When you buy a bike from you’re not getting simply a forwarded box.

Our team goes through quality control checks, builds, tunes and provides a base setup for each bike. This allows us a better chance to find the rare mechanical warranty issue, to ensure that the linkage and bearings are properly setup.

A suspension setup guide is provided and our team will begin working with you to ensure as your riding develops with your new bike suspension settings, cockpit setup, tire pressures, etc are addressed to keep you progressing.

Since we build every bike we can also offer part swaps and upgrades our competition simply cannot!

Looking for different tires? Brakes? Cockpit or Seating? Not a problem. Our team is happy to help you. Chat with our sales team about during and after purchase incentives on riding gear and accessories as well!

Your new bike typically will arrive with an absolute minimum of work required to get you on the trails. Usually this involves installing the handlebars, adjusting the headset and mounting the front and rear wheel. It’s that easy – and if you have questions you have access to the sales team and a variety of videos from to help you.

Questions? No problem. Hit us up.

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