Yeti Factory Builds are available in a variety of kits for a wide range of budgets.
Yeti also produces two tiers of carbon fiber: the budget conscious Carbon or C-Series as well as the no holds barred TURQ or T-Series.

Yeti Frames are available in the TURQ layup with Factory Suspension.

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(Under Construction: frames and some builds are not currently shown – contact us for details if you don’t see what you’re looking for!)

Compare the 2023 Yeti Complete Kits

SB160: T4, T3, T1, C2, C1    /     SB140 29 Standard & Lunch Ride: T4, T3, T2, T1, C3, C2, C1
SB140 27.5 (under construction)     /     SB120: T4, T3, T2, T1, C2, C1
SB165: (under construction)     /     eMTB 160e: (under construction)

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Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Yeti Factory Completes are offered in the T Turq and C Carbon series.

T series, T1, T2, T3, feature Yeti’s top tier Turq frame while the C series, C1, C2 feature Yeti’s more cost conscious Carbon layup.

Turq frames will be lighter and a bit more “vibrant”. Heavier riders will appreciate the Turq series additional support and life span. Lighter riders may not stress frames quite as hard, but the lighter weight and vibrant feel will be notable as well.

Questions? No problem. Our team is here to help! Use the contact form, online chat, email or call 949-470-1099.

Wondering about fit and geo? Check out our Interactive Geometry Comparison to overlay different models and sizes comparing stack, reach, headtube angle, wheelbase and more.

Compare Frame Geo with BikeCo’s Interactive Graphic Overlay below

Want to compare the Reach, Stack, Headtube Angle, Wheelbase of your favorite Ibis and Yeti frames?
Click on the Compare Frame Geometry tab for an interactive Geometry Comparison allowing you to overlay different models and sizes to help find the perfect fit.

Interactive Geometry Comparison

Bottom bracket height, chainstay, reach, stack, headtube angle, fork offset as well as wheelbase have been illustrated per manufacturer websites. Seatpost and headtube heights are relatively accurate for vertical dimension. Exact frame shape, etc produced with artistic license.

Images are centered horizontally by the bottom bracket. Axle heights are static representing the same wheel / tire sizing. Bottom bracket heights from ground per manufacturer dimension. Chainstay length is measured from the bottom bracket center. Wheelbase is illustrated from rear axle forward.

If you have any questions on sizing or frame comparison contact our expert sales staff today!

Yeti factory completes are available in Carbon and Turq layups.

Carbon frames are slightly heavier than the Turq chassis but provide more price conscious offerings in the C series factory completes.

Turq frames are Yeti’s top tier carbon design. Lighter as well as more “vibrant” feel than the carbon frames. We often suggest these frames to heavier riders as well as those looking at the T series completes.

Both Carbon and Turq frames share Yeti’s cutting edge geometry as well as the Switch Infinity Suspension system.

Unique in design as well as trail personality Yeti’s Switch Infinity is an amazing balance of pop without compromising compliance or its ability to charge in big terrain. Riding Yeti’s SB series bikes you will easily balance front and rear weight from a central, comfortable position in the cockpit. The Switch Infinity might be unmatched transferring energy back into speed when you pump the trail.

Yeti offers 29″ bikes in the SB150, SB130, SB130 Lunch Ride as well as SB115.

In 27.5″ bikes Yeti has the SB165 and the SB140. Both of these chassis are able to be converted to Mullet bikes, 29″ front wheel with a 27.5″ rear.

These Mullet bikes allow riders plenty of room to get back and low on the bike in the steeps with the improve roll over and braking we’ve come to expect from 29″ wheels.

Several of our staff currently ride Yetis. We are happy to review their personality and how to fine to your setup to get the most out of your new bike.

Want to take your Yeti to the next level? Chat with us about suspension upgrades such as GRIP2 dampers in Performance forks (which creates Performance Elite forks essentially) as well as our BikeCo Pro Tunes.

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