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29 MTB Tires

At BikeCo.com we are riders and know the importance of getting the right part on your bike, the first time!

We offer a truly refined selection of 29 MTB tires. There aren’t any strange close-out deals here. No loss leader “almost” products.

Our client’s demand the most from their riding experience and we’re here to help. These 29 MTB tires have the best tread patterns, rubber compounds, sidewall options, as well as are some of the most consistent and longest lasting options on the market.

Not sure the difference between Maxxis EXO and EXO+? No problem. Our team can help you decide if the cost of a bit of additional weight is outweighed by the benefits of improved cut and abrasian resistance as well as improved tire damping characteristics.

Not sure if you need MaxxGrip or MaxxTerra? Again, our team is here to help. Don’t be shy to reach out via chat, call, or email. Our sales team is here to help you define what the best product, in the best price range is for your riding style.

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