Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy: Limit the Use of My Sensitive Personal Information serves as the online store as well as hosts a variety of blog, photo and video content for The Bike Company located at 21098 Bake Parkway #112, Lake Forest, CA 92630.’s online store is focused on clients located in North America, however content may be viewed by users globally.


BikeCo features cookies essential to site functionality through WooCommerce and WordPress in addition to cookies used such as embedding videos hosted through sites such as Vimeo or YouTube or payment windows through gateways such as PayPal as well as functionality such as online chat through Zoho SalesIQ.

BikeCo does not share, sell, trade or in anyway provide details collected to any other party. does not host or receive payment from third party ads on the site.

Details collected for internal use include IP address to help determine viewership general locale, time on site and navigation track through site. Logged in users may have user names and email details associated with the above.

Users are welcome to turn off cookies, however there will be navigation and functionality issues.

Again, no data collected is sold, shared or traded with any outside company or contractor.

Users are reminded that some cookies may or may not be “global” through web browsers (example – the Google Ads cookie which can be accessed at )

Payment Details

Payment details are handled through a PayPal gateway. Clients making a purchase have name, address, email, phone provided to BikeCo through the gateway as well as a coded authorization sent to the site confirming payment.

Suggestions & Ideas

Manually Controlling Cookies.

While BikeCo uses cookies for essential navigation and content display internet users can control cookies manually in individual browsers. A search on details of your browser specifics will help you navigate this.

Controlling Personal Information

As a non-logged in user of your IP, number of visits and navigational track and timing on the site can be viewed by our developers. If you prefer higher levels of privacy you may consider looking into dynamic IP setups or VPN (although VPN can slow down your web experience) to increase your anonymity.

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