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Video below highlights some of the most popular dropper posts, remotes as well as illustrates basic installation techniques to allow you to complete your seatpost installation at home.

Learn more about the remotes from FOX, PNW, RaceFace, OneUp and Wolf Tooth remotes below.

Adjustable Seatpost Remotes

Most cable actuated dropper posts will function with any of these remotes. Since you can “mix and match” dropper remotes and adjustable seatpost brands riders are able to get the perfect look, fit and performance for their riding.

All of these remotes have two means of cable adjustment. A barrel adjuster (like your shifter) provides fine tuning. The cable mounting bolt on the remote allows for larger tension changes. Since the cable is clamped to the remote with a bolt you can typically cut off the cable end, remove the old remote and install the new one if your cable and housing isn’t too old.

The most popular dropper post remotes are made by Wolf Tooth, FOX, RaceFace, PNW and OneUp Components.

Wolf Tooth ReMote

Wolf Tooth’s ReMote is available in a variety of mounting configurations and two leverage ratios.

The standard ReMote will have a “quicker” throw, it requires less distance to actuate the post. However, the Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action has a longer lever which increases the mechanical advantage of the remote and lowers the amount of pressure required to actuate the dropper. The extra leverage does require a bit “deeper” push to function, but riders looking to ease the load on their hands are unlikely to be bothered by this.

Wolf Tooth offers bar mount as well as brake and MatchMaker mounts for their remotes. Popular brake mounts include options for Magura and Hope brakes.

FOX Transfer 1x Remote

FOX’s revised 1x lever is a clean design and effective dropper remote. One of the favorite features of the FOX Transfer Remote is the design and inclusion of three mounting options. In the box you’ll find a bar clamp as well as options for SRAM MatchMaker and Shimano IS-EV (I-spec EV).

RaceFace Turbine Dropper Remote

RaceFace’s 1x levers also provide the three mounting options like the FOX in a similar layout. RaceFace offers a handful of anodized lever color options to provide riders a bit of bling. Tie in your accent colors with a black, blue, green, red or FOX orange lever.

PNW Loam Dropper Remote

The PNW Loam Remote stands out with its injection molded pad. This pad is available in a variety of colors like the RaceFace remote. More than the color options however, the injection molded pad provides riders with added comfort and a notable improvement of grip in wet conditions.

OneUp V2 Dropper Remote

OneUp Components V2 Dropper Remotes are a cost conscious option. Slightly shorter throw than the aluminum offerings above requires a bit more hand strength to actuate the post.

Which Adjustable Seatpost Remote is Right?

Riders need to review a few priorities to narrow adjustable seatpost remotes.

Feel: how important is comfort to you? If you’re looking for a very comfortable lever feel the PNW Loam Remote is exceptionally popular. Do you have strength or function considerations to take into account? Those of us with hand strength issues tend to gravitate towards the Wolf Tooth ReMote Light Action.

Mounting Position: In most situations the simple bar mount option provides riders the maximum range of adjustment. This is because the bar mount allows the adjustable seatpost remote to be moved inboard and outboard as well as rotated up and down independent of the brakes.

Clean Cockpit: Some riders LOVE the look of clean, concise mounting points on their handlebars. These riders often shop the Wolf Tooth ReMote options for Magura or Hope brake specific mounts.

Accent Colors: This can be a big priority for your dream build, nothing wrong with that. Occasionally Wolf Tooth offers unique color options, however most riders looking to add some color to their cockpit shop the PNW Loam Remote or the RaceFace Remote.

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