The right mtb flat pedals will help you confidently take your riding to the next level.

At we offer a variety of flat pedals from industry leaders. Riders can choose shape (both imprint and concave), pin type and placement as well as customize their ride with a variety of color options.

Scroll down to compare platform pedal shape and dimensions or read up on composite flat pedals and platform pedal riding tips!

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Flat Pedal Platform Dimension & Shape

We wanted to give riders a chance to compare platform pedal dimensions and shapes.

Based on provided dimensions we’ve overlaid some graphics to help more easily visualize each pedal’s contact patch. The black outlines represent the edges of the contact patch while the semi-transparent white defines the “other side” of pedals with greater fore/aft offset.

Click through the image gallery below to see some of our favorite pedals from  DMR, RaceFace, HT, OneUp Components and more.

Questions on which pedal is best for your riding style? Chat, email, call or come in the shop and our team will help dial you in.

MTB Flat Pedals

BikeCo carries the best MTB Flat Pedals from brands like RaceFace, HT Components, OneUp, DMR and Tag Metals.

Flat pedal models feature different sizes, shapes, contour as well as pin placement. Some pedals are available in different platform or axle materials.

Most pedals feature aluminum platforms with chromoly axles. Lighter models may use magnesium for the platform material or titanium axles. Growing in popularity, as many riders choose to occasionally ride flats as a skills workshop, are composite pedals.

Composite Flat Pedals

Quality composite pedals from OneUp, RaceFace, Tag Metals and HT Components are a cost-conscious option available in a selection of colors to highlight your build.

Once seen as “kids pedals” the brands of composite flat pedals BikeCo stock feature improved bearings, quality axles as well as steel pedal pins.

In order to provide proper strength composite flat pedals tend to be slightly “taller” than aluminum or magnesium options

Flat Pedal Size

The reason most MTB flats are “short” or not very deep is two-fold.

First, less material means less weight. But even more than weight the shorter pedal improves clearance.

Since flat pedals tend to be wider than clipless pedals they have a bigger potential contact area with the ground or terrain. Being slightly narrower helps minimize pedal strikes and slides.

Larger pedal platforms tend to work better for riders with larger feet. Medium pedal platform sizes work well for medium or small shoe sizes.

Flat pedal concave is important to pedal feel. Having a bit of concave, whether through platform shape or pin placement, helps a rider “lock-in” on the pedal.

MTB Flat Pedal Riding Tips


Riding flat pedals is a real test of your MTB riding technique. Poor technique tends to be exposed as the bike bounces out from under you.

Some good practices are relevant for both clipless and flat pedals. Use your knees (and elbows) to pump and float the trail. When you’re climbing imagine spinning larger diameter circles to help improve power transfer. Pay attention to pedal timing crossing logs or climbing rocks. All of these are universal between flat and clipless pedals.

Here’s one trick I found to riding flat pedals confidently that was different from riding clipless pedals: Instead of cornering at “12 and 6” I push the lower pedal forward a bit, so 7 or 5 depending on if you’re turning left or right…

Cornering tip for riding MTB Flat Pedals

You can see in the image above my left, or outside foot since I’m turning right, is pushed slightly forward.  I found when I first moved to flat pedals I struggled to keep my inside foot on the pedals in corners. By rolling my lower foot slightly forward it forced / allowed me to keep a bit more weight on my inside or upper pedal. This helped keep my feet on the pedals even in fast, chunky corners.

Questions on which is the right flat pedal for you? Reach our team via chat, email, phone or contact form!

New to flat pedals? I went back a few seasons ago to help with some back pain issues. Below is a blog about how the freedom to move my feet decreased my lower back pain.

Read about how flat pedals helped ease my back pain.

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