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OneUp Components Comp Pedals

Lightweight, robust and economical the OneUp Components Comp Pedal is a riders favorite.

OneUp Comp Pedal Part Numbers

Black: 1C0399BLK
Red: 1C0399RED
Orange: 1C0399ORA

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OneUp Components Comp (Composite) Pedal Dimensions & Contact Patch

The One Up Components Comp Pedals (Composite) have a symmetrical build maximizing the overall footprint. Contact patch measures approximately 105mm wide and 112mm long .

Fore and aft lateral supports measure equal from the pedal’s axle centerline. Ribs on the forward facing supports provide a bit more bite along with 10 traction pins per side.

The center support profile measures in at 19mm and the pedal body slightly tapers down to 14mm at the ends. 2.5mm of drop per side is compensated by the traction pins.

OneUp Components Comp Pedals

Inexpensive flat pedals are a great upgrade to your beach / beer bike, to try flat pedal riding as well as keeping in the toolbox and riding occasionally to keep from developing bad clipless riding habits.

Riding flat pedals now and then will reinforces good habits such as proper bunny hopping / jumping as well as weighting your feet into and out of corners.

Composite flat pedals are very popular to keep in the tool kit for occasional riding as well as offer a variety of colors to highlight your build. These pedals are light weight and will take a beating.

DU plus cartridge bearing axle system
Thin leading edge chamfered design to deflect off obstacles
Wide platform design for increased stability (115 x 105mm)
Contoured shape provides ultimate connected feel
10 rear loading Steel pins per side, with Nyloc nuts
18.5mm height (13.3mm at leading edge)

OneUp Components Comp Pedals Dimensions

Size: 115x105x18.5mm / 13.3mm at leading edge
Axle: 9/16″
Weight: 355g

One Up Components Composite Pedal Weight

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OneUp Comp Pedal Part Numbers

Black: 1C0399BLK
PDOUC0200 Black
Red: 1C0399RED
PDOUC0200 Red
Orange: 1C0399ORA

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