CushCore PRO: provides the ultimate rim and rim versus tire cut protection (“snake bite” punctures from the rim edge cutting the tire sidewall during maximum compression) . Maximizes your tire volume tuning allowing the lowest PSI and maximum grip. CushCore PRO’s sidewall contact helps decrease leverage ratio on sidewall for more robust performance even with lighter sidewall technologies.

CushCore XC: lighter, easier to install while providing excellent rim protection. Slightly less protection from sidewall cuts than the PRO as well as less of a “tire volume spacer” than the PRO. A great layer of protection for carbon rims in burly conditions for riders not looking at the PRO option.

When did I go to rim protection? Well, when the CushCore XC came around it really opened my eyes.

Unlike some of the other “easy” to install rim protection (and I do believe the CushCore XC is pretty easy to install) it also offers additional sidewall support.

Check out a video of my first CushCore XC installation below!

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