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BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep services ensure maximum service life, ultimate trail performance as well as quiet performance for your mountain bike.

We stand behind our Frame Prep service for 1 year. Should your frame develop noise or issues from components associated with Frame Prep BikeCo will take care of you.

BikeCo Frame Prep is complimentary with any frame or complete purchase from Standard pricing is $70-90*. Some frames require more work and will be quoted accordingly at service write-up.

Noise Is Movement, Movement Can Be Wear

Chasing creaks on a modern mountain bike can be a very frustrating proposition. Starting your new bike’s life with a proper frame prep helps eliminate wallowing or permanent sizing issues.

BikeCo Frame Prep addresses common, as well as less common, causes of noise and wear: Headsets, Bottom Brackets, Suspension Pivots, Shock Mounting, Bearing Interfaces, Derailleur Hanger, Hardware Torque, and more.

Our mechanics have a lifetime of experience. Facing headsets, bottom brackets, machining axles, customizing hardware – none of this was uncommon in early MTB. Understanding these required steps and having the skills to work with exotic materials undeniably set our staff apart.

Many of our competitors simply dollop grease into problem areas to mask noise. This may mask the noise but can exacerbate the movement leading to premature wear. At BikeCo various retaining compounds are used to ensure the best press fits as well as proper torque retention.


As mentioned, every frame and complete sold by receives a complimentary frame prep service. This value added to your purchase provides you (and your friends!) a better riding experience as well as improved resale value down the line. Don’t suffer through a creaky bike when you can run a dialed in slayer.

Questions? Reach out to BikeCo’s sales staff. We are happy to answer queries on this as well as other expert services unique to


Chasing a creak? These may help narrow it down.

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