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2019 Sea Otter Classic Joe Binatena Evan Geankoplis Cody Kelley

2019 Sea Otter Classic with BikeCo.com

It was a fun week at the 2019 Sea Otter Classic with BikeCo.com Pro Riders Cody Kelley and Evan Geankoplis. Cody and Evan each competed in the Dual Slalom as well as downhill events. Dual Slalom Ibis enduro team rider Evan Geankoplis (instagram @Genomain) qualified 18th for the Dual Slalom Pro race. The Dual Slalom race is far and away the most fun event at Sea Otter. Slalom is located on the side of the hill overlooking the race track. It’s [...]

3 12 19 Joe Binatena builds wheels for Cody Kelley Alchemy EWS

What We Ride – BikeCo Staff Wheel Selections

We’ve put a lot of effort dialing in the new online wheel builders and options here at BikeCo.com. In this blog, What We Ride, we will take a look at some BikeCo Staff Wheel Selections! Read up and then check out BikeCo Favorite Wheel Builds, Featured Brands, Full Custom Builders and Wheel Specials to pick the best wheels to update your current bike or build a new one. Chris Fuller, BikeCo Sales King, Ibis 942 Carbon, 2 Cross DT Swiss Competition [...]

8 27 18 Purpose Built Wheels by BikeCo Joe Binatena

Purpose Built Wheels by BikeCo.com

Improve trail tracking and performance with Purpose Built Wheels by BikeCo.com. It’s possible to calculate the performance of your mountain bike wheels. To start look at the sum of the major parts. Hubs, Spokes, Rims. Then factor in the builder’s skill in assembly as well as tuning. Yes, wheel tuning is a thing – more on that later. Purpose Built Wheels: YOUR Spec There are a variety of factors that help define your ideal spec. Riding style, rider weight, terrain, ideal service [...]

7 19 18 Tracy Ibis Build HD4 rectangle

BikeCo Frame Prep

BikeCo Frame Prep Build integrity for your new mountain bike starts before you hang any bits on the frame. In fact, for the ultimate performance and longevity BikeCo developed specific MTB Frame Prep procedures. Pivots, Bearings, Axles, , Hangers, Bottom Brackets and Headsets are addressed in BikeCo’s MTB Frame Prep services. BikeCo Frame Prep services ensure maximum service life, ultimate trail personality as well as quiet performance for your mountain bike. Like the BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension originally Frame Prep service was [...]

BikeCo Service Rates

BikeCo Service Rates

BikeCo.com Service Rates The Bike Company offers a complete service lineup for MTB, Road, Hybrids and more. BikeCo.com warranties all service for at least 30 days. Suspension rebuilds are warrantied for 90 days. BikeCo Frame Prep is warrantied for 1 year. Typically BikeCo matches manufacturer service warranty periods. Ask for more details as needed. Questions on a recent service? No problem, give our team a buzz and they will dial you in. Scroll through for more details. Tunes & Packages BikeCo Tune: $85 4 Tune Package: [...]

BikeCo Pro Tune Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages

BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension Advantages For years we’ve has been providing riders access to the best performing Fox Suspension through our proprietary Pro Tunes designed by BikeCo.com owner Joe Binatena. BikeCo Pro Tune Suspension is designed to maximize damper performance to your riding specifics.     Pro Tune’s shift performance windows taking into account RIDER SIZE, EXPERIENCE, DISCIPLINE, TERRAIN, STYLE as well as RIDING GOALS.   Rider Size: Different size different setups, easy right? Stock suspension is designed for a wide range or riders. Suspension is [...]

Ibis US Enduro Team Announcement

Ibis US Enduro Team – Supported by BikeCo.com

BikeCo.com is extremely excited to be an official supporter of the Ibis US Enduro Team. The Ibis US Enduro team features talented riders Evan Geankoplis, Essence Barton, Paul Serra and Lili Heim. Brian Lopes will captain the Ibis US team as it contests CES events through the summer. 2018 CES Events include: Round 1: May 26 – Toro Enduro Round 2: June 16 – Mammoth Bar Enduro Round 3: June 30 – China Peak Enduro Round 4: July 28-29 – Crafts and Cranks Enduro Round 5: August 25-26 – Northstar Enduro Round [...]

3 30 18 Trail Tips Ride with Friends

MTB Riding Tips – Good Practices and Techniques for MTB Riders

MTB Riding Tips – Good Practices and Techniques for MTB Riders Here at BikeCo.com we work with a wide variety of riders. From pro racers, seasoned experts all the way to first bike purchasers. We thought it would be useful for riders to have a singular place to reference for tips to take their trail experience to the next level. We plan about weekly updates to this blog so check back frequently! Jump to page 3/2/18 Putting Together a Line, Easy on the [...]

Classic MTB frames & completes from The Bike Company April 2004

Classic Mountain Bikes: shots from 2004 at The Bike Company

A lot of things can be said about the MTB industry – but it isn’t scared of change! Check out some shots of the cutting edge in 2004 – these Classic Mountain Bikes. Ellsworth, Foes, Santa Cruz, Intense and Turner were the chassis of choice. Geometry, linkage and suspension components were all in their relative infancy. While race teams certainly helped these were the days when clients were an unspoken part of the R&D chain from manufacturers. Almost no standardized parts. [...]

Since 1999 BikeCo.com has worked with the fastest MTB racers at the biggest events like the 2008 Whistler Crankworx

2008 Crankworx Whistler Photo Gallery

Check out a variety of photos from BikeCo’s 2008 Crankworx Whistler. Always a must see event the 2008 Crankworx festival saw some of the fastest racers in MTB. Photos include Brian, Sam Hill, Cedric Garcia, Sven Martin, Lee Donavan, Gee Atherton and many more faces from the race scene at the time! In particular, there are some awesome Dual Slalom photos. While building the new BikeCo.com website we’ve found some amazing photo stashes of builds, events, and adventures. Check out some images shot by [...]