FOX Float X2 Volume Spacer Kit (3 pairs)


FOX Float X2 Volume Spacer Kit

Dial in your FOX X2 with 3 pairs of spacers in this X2 Volume Spacer Kit.

FOX Float X2 Volume Tuning Kit Part Number:



FOX Float X2 Volume Spacer Kit

Adjust the ramp rate of your FOX X2 rear shock with volume spacers. FOX X2 Volume Spacer kit includes 3 pairs of spacers.

FOX Float X2 Volume Tuning Part Number:

UPC: 611056143834

More about Volume Spacing & Ramp Rate

Want to learn more about volume spacing and its importance to your bike’s suspension?

Check out this post with an interactive graphing ramp rate comparison. 

Use this google sheet on a computer, google sheets aren’t super mobile friendly.

With this sheet you can view how adding or subtracting small amounts of sag as well as volume spacers change the air spring’s personality, or ramp rate.

Better understand how Volume Spacing & Compression are interrelated.

Watch to learn about the importance of charging the rear shock negative air chamber.

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