FOX 28mm Chamferless Top Cap Socket 398-00-704 GRIP2


Fox 28mm Fork Top Cap Socket, 3/8 Drive

Designed specifically for removing fork top caps, the non chamfered edge gives a precise, slip free contact to the shallow top cap, eliminating damage to your fork.
The knurled edge of the socket allows for tight grip and it fits on any standard 3/8″ socket driver.

Fits Damper side for GRIP2 forks
FOX PN: 398-00-704

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FOX 28mm Socket

Fits Damper side for GRIP2
FOX PN: 398-00-704
UPC: 821973358284

Chamferless Top Cap Socket Detail

FOX Chamferless Top Cap Sockets

Chamferless sockets are great for fork services.  Removing the sharp edges at the corners of the socket ensure the socket contacts the flats of the fastener to minimize finish damage.

FOX top cap sockets are available in three sizes: 32mm, 28mm and 26mm.

FOX 32mm Socket

Fits Air Spring Side on FOX 36, 38 and 40
FOX PN: 398-00-706

FOX 28mm Socket

GRIP2 damper top cap utilizes the 28mm socket
FOX PN: 398-00-707
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FOX 26mm Socket

FOX 32 and 34 forks utilize the 26mm chamferless top cap socket on the air side.
Fit4 damper side utilizes the 26mm as well
FOX PN: 398-00-702

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