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3 28 19 Ibis Ripmo with sram XX1 AXS Build

Ibis Ripmo with SRAM XX1 AXS

Enjoy some shots of a banging build. This Ibis Ripmo features SRAM XX1 AXS, as well as Chris King, Nox Composites and more!

SRAM’s AXS provides clean wireless mounting as well as crisp shifting and easy adjustments. Never could quite figure out the barrel adjuster? Well, no more barrel adjusters…

Ibis Ripmo with sram XX1 AXS Build profile photo. Orange Fox fork.

The highlights of this build don’t stop at the SRAM XX1 AXS drivetrain.

Purpose Built Wheels built in-house lace Chris King Matte Mango hubs to Nox Composites Farlow hoops. The Farlow’s 29mm internal balances tire volume without becoming too sluggish in acceleration or direction change. Riders looking for a bit more volume / traction would review the Kitsuma, Ibis 942 or Enve M735 options. Riders who want a bit more “pop” to their wheels and are willing to give up a bit of traction shop Farlow, M730 or Ibis 935 rims.

Maxxis rubber front and rear are long lasting with great grip.

Suspension duties are handled with the Fox Factory DPX2 rear as well as a 160mm Fox Factory Float 36 Grip2 fork. The new Fox Transfer Factory 175mm post means this bike has Kashima in all the right spots.

Magura MT7 brakes provide excellent power and modulation. More and more riders find themselves on Magura options. With a variety of 2 and 4 piston options the Magura lineup has a brake for every riding style and budget.


XX1 AXS Drivetrain detail photos on Ibis Ripmo

The SRAM XX1 AXS kit. This build adds the Wolftooth GnarWolf guide (although requires machining on Ibis Ripmo’s for the DIY).


SRAM AXS Shift Controller detail photo mounted to Enve M7 handlebar with Ergon grips and Magura brakes.

Additionally Enve M7 bars mount the Magura MT7 brakes as well as the AXS “shifter”. Maybe “remote” is a better term?!? While it initially may feel a bit different after a lap or two in the parking lot you have it nailed.


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