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Ibis Ripmo XT Build with Upgrades

Ibis Ripmo XT Build with Upgrades

Enjoy some shots of this Ibis Ripmo with updates. BikeCo has you covered across the board with the best in MTB from Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti.

Cockpit Setup on Ibis Ripmo

Shimano and Magura brakes are the go-to for a vast majority of riders. Shimano have a bit more “instant” bite while the Magura offers more modulation. Don’t know what’s right for you? Chat with our team about your preferences and we can get you dialed in.

FOX Pro Tune forks by

Custom suspension tuning is available on FOX forks and rear shocks. BikeCo’s proprietary Pro Tune services narrow the performance window of stock product to allow more finite controls and adjustment per rider. Size, ground speed, terrain and aggression help us get your suspension right in the sweet spot for you.

Shimano XT Build on Ibis Ripmo

Whether you’re shopping Shimano, like this XT build, or SRAM Ibis has a factory build for you. And BikeCo has all the parts to dial in your build. From your favorite brakes, tires or custom wheels we have you covered.

Industry Nine Stem with OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar

The most popular handlebar right now is the OneUp Components Carbon Handlebar. Designed to provide more small bump compliance without becoming “soft”. Shop the OneUp bar here and learn more about the details that set this bar apart.

Ibis Ripmo XT Build with Upgrades

In the market? Whether you’re looking for an Ibis Factory Complete, a build with some upgrades or a custom spec banger is here to dial you in. Shop in-stock and in-bound Ibis, Mondraker and Yeti bikes from!

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