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Mullet Yeti SB140 Build

Mullet Yeti SB140

Enjoy a few shots of this Mullet Yeti SB140 build before it heads to it’s new home.

The “mullet” configuration, somewhat ironically given the hairstyle, features a larger front wheel. With Yeti Mullet’s that means a 29″ front on the 27.5″ frames like the SB140 or SB165.

Increasing the front wheel’s diameter produces some notable performance differences.

The three most notable changes in a mullet Yeti SB140 are:

Increased Roll Over: the lower angle of attack means the wheel is less likely to “chalk” on terrain costing you momentum. This is particularly notable riding in steep terrain.

Improved Front Wheel Braking Power: the longer contact patch from the increased wheel circumference allows more powerful braking.

Steering “Damper”: the larger wheel provides a bit more “mellow” or slower input to the steering which can increase confidence particularly at speed.

Some advantages of the smaller rear wheel, rather than going to a 29er include:

Slightly faster acceleration with the smaller wheel, although carrying top speed tends to lend itself to the 29er.

The smaller wheel also allows riders to get lower on the bike in steep terrain or jumps.

PNW Handlebar & Remote

PNW remotes and handlebars are popular updates to cockpits. Particularly the PNW remote which has a padded, high grip patch that works well in sloppy, wet conditions.

Yeti SB140 Complete

More riders are gravitating to the oval chain rings like this option from AbsoluteBLACK. Compatible with both SRAM and Shimano drivetrains the oval rings are designed to ease the load on your muscles, and knees for us grey hair riders, allowing you more power in the power position.

Yeti SB140 Mullet, Ice Pick Headtube Badge

This image is mainly for me… I always love the detail that goes into the Yeti Ice Pick headtube badge. It’s the little details that make a big difference. Yeti’s commitment to cutting edge geometry, the Switch Infinity Suspension, great carbon options in both their Carbon & Turq series all the way down to the graphics and headtube. Love it.

Mullet Yeti SB140 Build by BikeCo

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