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Ibis Ripley XT Build

Ibis Ripley XT Build with i9 Enduro 310C Wheels

Enjoy a couple pictures of this Ibis Ripley XT Build with i9 Enduro 310C Wheels before it heads to its new home.

The latest Ibis Ripley combines updates to geometry as well as carbon layup.

Improving on the Ripley’s previous editions Ibis slackened the headtube and spec’d a 44mm offset fork.  This improves the Ripley’s handling at speed without compromising its’ surefooted climbing.
Learn more about 44mm versus 51mm fork offset Here.

This XT Build features the latest 12sp Shimano drivetrain. Requiring the new MicroSpline driver there are a handful of quality hub options on the market. On this build the Industry Nine Enduro 310C wheels provide a unique look as well as the performance you’d expect from carbon.


Ibis Ripley XT Build Industry Nine Enduro 310C in bike stand with mechanic.


In addition to saving weight carbon wheels improve torque transfer producing a more vibrant feel of acceleration. Over the years I’ve noted tracking improvements when I ride carbon. Meaning if I can see a 4″ line I’m confident I can keep the bike on with aluminum when running carbon I’m confident with say a 2″ line.

Riders looking at the Industry Nine Enduro 310C wheels should consider purchasing extra spokes. Industry Nine uses Direct Thread – Straight Pull spokes on these wheels. The i9 spokes have an integrated nipple however no special tools are required for service. Keeping the spokes in your travelling tool box ensures that any shop can get you dialed in should you have an issue.

This build also updated the Shimano XT brakes from 2 piston to 4 piston for improved power and heat capacity. 4 piston brakes aren’t just for Enduro bikes. The improved power and heat capacity provided by the increased pad area allows riders to run smaller rotors. This minimizes how “grabby” brakes may feel by decreasing the leverage (with a smaller rotor diameter).

Ibis Ripley XT with Updates


Ibis Ripley XT Build profile matte brap color


The silver and black colorway on the Shimano 12sp cassette reminds me of how my earlier 9 and 10sp systems looked. Neither good or bad, simply an observation. As the 50 and 51t cassettes provide amazing range I think we quickly got used to the size. I remember first seeing them dwarf rotors thinking how on earth will the hubs take this leverage?!

Want to learn more about the Ibis Ripley? Check out the Ibis Factory Builds Here. Already have your perfect dream build in mind? Use BikeCo’s Online Custom Complete Ibis Ripley Builder to dial in your build and receive a personalized quote.


Ibis Ripley XT Build profile


We hope you enjoyed checking out this Ibis Ripley XT Build with i9 Enduro 310C wheels.


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