Magura MT7 Raceline Brake


Magura MT7 Raceline Brakes

Limited quantities are being made of this high functioning and unique colorway Magura brake.
Manufacturer Part Number: 2701434

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Magura MT7 Raceline Brake

The Magura 4 piston brakes are the most popular setup for Enduro riding. Magura MT7 and MT5 brakes provide riders 4 piston power with unbeatable modulation. Power when you want it, subtly when you need it. The Magura MT7 Raceline Brake features a unique colorway as well as 1 finger HC levers.

Magura Royal Blood Mineral Oil is long lasting. Typically needing only an original bleed and occasional lever bubble bleeds the fluid doesn’t tend to require full flushes in most use.

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The 1-finger HC lever blade modulates the enormous brake power as desired and ensures comfortable ergonomics to keep the brake safely under control even in the most difficult terrain

The Carbotecture SL master assembly is lightweight and extremely resistant

The radial master design reduces friction, and also enables small/large transmission ratios which reduces transmission losses and makes the brake more sensitive and easier to modulate

The one-piece 4-piston caliper is made of forged aluminium for an extraordinary degree of rigidity

Tooled reach adjust

Magura MT7 Technical Details

Applications Gravity

Weight 255 g

Material Master Carbotecture SL

Material Lever Blade Aluminium

Material Caliper Aluminium

Hydraulic Yes

Brake medium Royal Blood


BAT/TPA Yes – tool-less

Banjo Fitting Yes

2-Piston No

4-Piston Yes

Reach Adjust Yes – tool-less

Flip-Flop Yes

Shift Mix Yes

Remote Mix Yes

Recommended Rotor Storm HC

Lever Blade 1-Finger HC lever

Tubing MAGURA disc tube

eBike Switch No

Mounting PM/IS

Colors Black-Fluro-Yellow (Master & Caliper)

Manufacturer Part Number: 2701434
UPC: 4055184016497

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MT7 Raceline